Birthday celebrations

21 years of existence! My birthday celebrations this Sunday were perfect! It started off we a lovely lie in, in bed, opening birthday cards and opening my prezzie from The fam ( a super field guide on the Royal National Park which I can’t wait to revisit and go for hikes in!!)!


After a relaxing morning I decided to get on with my life and actually have a shower do some work, as I had a test the following week! Not long later a smiling Hannicke knocked on my door arms filled with beautiful flowers and cake, wishing me Happy Birthday! We went onto the balchony to enjoy some of that divine cake which actually might be some of the best birthday cake I have ever had, a danish pastry type with custard and sugar icing. It was nice to sit in the sun and laugh and talk with Hannicke! I should go out on the balchony more often!

The rest of the day went to work and lazing around, until in the evening when Shawnee, Max and Steven came round and we went out for yummy Mexican food and sangria at beach burritos! YUM, wish I could go there more! They had all grouped together to get me some prezzies, so it was nice to have something to open! They got me a cool crafted 21st wine glass, a pretty card, a beautiful (grown up) colouring book of tropical wildlife and a birthday crown haha! Steven had also baked me some delicious cupcakes; upside down cheescake and blueberry muffins, which are all my favourite things in a sweet treat! Back home we made cocktails in jugs and did some drinking, laughing and talking! I had invited some other people to join, but with only 8 hours warning and it being a Sunday it wasn’t all that easy to make it! Oh well, I still had a great time!

IMG_20150921_082344 IMG_20150921_082212 IMG_20150921_082633 DSC_0213

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