Theatre and sweet chilli fries

Hellu! So this following weeks is a holiday, and so far it has been a good one! There are unfortunately not many people here now though, everyone has gone home! Luckily us internationals are still here, and these last couple of days I have been hanging out with Steven! Yesterday we watched Life of Pi and I gorged on the remains of his massive chocolate birthday cake! It’s been a while since I last saw that film and I had forgotten how good it was! It really makes you think!

Yesterday Steven was invited to see one of hos flatmates in a theatre production and invited me along! Haha I think Steven was hoping I would say no so he didn’t have to go, but it turned out to very entertaining! It was a play called “La cage aux Folles” and was about drag queens in France! Very funny at times, but also very moving. In particular when the main character sang the famous “I am what I am”, which I think is the most famous piece from the play (or original play on which this one was based on).


Before that Steven and I wasted some time at the pub round the corner, as we were a couple of hours early as we drove in with my flatmate and friend who were in the play and needed to get there early. At the pub we ordered massive (we didn’t realise they would be that huge) plates of food, and I tried the Australian favourite; sour cream and sweet chilli sauce with potato wedges. Not bad at all! Apart from the show the only other dramatic event of that day was that I managed to properly slip and fall on my crutches, on a wet surface, and poor Steven had to pull me back up again. I was so embarrassed, literally mortified, but I am telling myself that Steven is a nice guy and hopefully has already forgotten about it by now.


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