Mid-Session Recess continued

These last couple of days have been steady! No as exciting as some other people’s mid session break; sailing along the coast to the Great Barrier Reef, visiting Uluru, going on the biodiversity field camp etc. However my holiday hasn’t been bad! Mostly eating has been the highlights tbh, haha, there hasn’t been much else I have been able to do! On Wednesday my buddy Jen took me to brunch at Diggies, a pretty little cafe by the seafront! It is actually the first time we have hung out together without the hospital being involved, so that was a nice change! The rest of the days has gone to movie watching with various people, including Steven, Max and (flatmate) Jen, as well as going to my internship on Thursday, after over a month “break” due to my foot! In addition to this the UK fam watched bake off together this Friday as per usual, and it was my time to host the treats! I decided I was going to do this by boasting my Norwegian background and treat them to a childhood favourite; skoleboller. However, a translated recipe using dry yeast instead of wet yeast, like the original recipe said, turned out not to work out for me, and they didn’t really rise properly. I was very proud of my vanilla cream which I made from scratch though! They tasted all right though, and my friends went for seconds, so they can’t have been that bad!

IMG_20151001_232301 IMG_20151003_092046 IMG_20151002_111941

My favourite day would have to be today though! Shawnee, Max, Steven and I decided we needed to go for lunch out and that we had to try these milkshakes that we had caught glimps on online, which looked like masterpieces! The weather was perfect for a milkshake, around 28 degrees! Dressed in dresses and shorts (finally) we met up at the BluOrange Cafe and were not disappointed. All our milkshakes looked and tasted amazing. I had a vanilla, white chocolate milkshake, but I think Shawnee’s won the price for most indulgent looking! Hers was a strawberry milkshake with a glazed doughnut for decoration! Stupidly we ordered actual food too, I had a veggie wrap, but could not really muster enough belly room for both those treats! Afterwards we forgot about time and passed away hours by the seafront watching everyone on the beaches and enjoying some heat. Steven went for a dip in the sea, which looked so nice! Can’t wait for the day! So I lost a day to milkshakes and beaches when I actually should have perhaps continued with uni work, but I think it was a well needed moral booster! THIS is what I came to Australia for! Feeling happy (although probably sad later, when I discover I weigh 10 kg more from that meal)!
IMG_20151003_170954 IMG_20151003_171134 IMG_20151003_171643 DSC_0325a DSC_0327

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