These last two days have been HOT, at around 34 degrees according to one of the weather reports online! It’s been nice at times, but annoyingly uncomfortable at others. Especially with this cast, and with not been able to go to the beach and cool down in the sea I am instead stuck in a sticky room (doing work) and unable to wear appropriate clothes (dresses with a cast is kinda hard/ugly). Sleeping is getting more confusing too, because it has stopped cooling down (at least not a lot) during the night, and trying to sleep with a blanket is definitely too hot. At the same time though, sleeping without a blanket is weird. My body is confused. All this nice weather though is making me really excited for the summer when I can fully enjoy this magnificent heat, the way I should be enjoying it; on the beach. I am worried that the Australians are still saying it’s not HOT though, but in fact only “warm”. However, I think their definitions are a bit different from ours, and the scale is a tad larger. The reassuring thing is is that although they are only saying it’s “warm” they have got the fans out, and are all dressed in shorts and summer dresses. What I have concluded then is that when they are saying it is “warm” it is in fact humanly hot, and “hot” is inhumanly  hot, where you literally just melt and everything just bursts into flames. On those days they say they pretty much stay inside with the air con! Let’s HOPE there aren’t too many days like that, if so, I will hybernate in the shower.

IMG_20151005_160122 IMG_20151005_160204 IMG_20151005_160029

So there you go, it’s a nice “warm” spring day. I am currently catching up on lectures (it’s going well actually), and doing some window watching and looking out at all the activity and relaxing atmosphere here on campus on this sunny day. There are groups going for picnic trips on bikes, barefoot surfers strolling towards the sea with their surfboards in hand, and skateboarders all strolling past. It looks like everyone else is having fun at least! Not long before my moonboot now though (12 DAYS WAAAHH)!!!

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