So I just read back on some of my posts and realized how negative I have been sounding lately.  I guess it’s been hard to find the positive in it all with this leg and although honesty is all good and all that, I am very ready to start trying to think a bit more optimistically about life now. Yesterday was a good day (when I ignore the taxi events) doing microscope work for a girl called Elli-Frances! Looking for mycorrhizae all day, it was steady and calm work.


For lunch I had coffee with my Buddy Jen, and in the evening I watched The Great British Bakeoff with Shawnee, Max and Steven! The final!  In celebration of this event we all prepared food, so we had pie and chips and two cakes!! The sweet woman called Nadiya won, and it got very emotional! Afterwards my flatmates, Steven and I watched a random docimentary called “the complete history of my sexual failures” about a man out to discover why he keeps getting dumped. I have never laughed so hard from a documentary before, it’s safe to say we where VERY entertained! In other news the cast comes off in ONE WEEK!!! I can’t wait! I can’t beileve it’s been 7 weeks! In retrospect it feels not that long now, but I can tell you it has not gone fast at all, and that next week felt like a lifetime away. I have built up this moonboot in my head and have imagined that that is the milestone of passing the worst of it, so I hope it doesn’t let me down! A little throwback to the 22nd of August when the break was fresh and new! I’ll try and get hold of the “after” images too, with the scary pins and plates!

IMG_20151002_122609 IMG_20151002_121828 IMG_20151002_121702

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