Sitting on the balchony right now, avoiding everything and enjoying some sunshine (I am gonna have at least one tan leg)! Productivity has definitely gone down these last days, I have seriously not been in the mood for anything! Feeling on a bit of a downer if I am honest. I started trying a diet the other day, cause if I can’t work off this lard, eating less is the only other option. To be honest eating has been less and less appealing lately anyway when I know is that it’s all going straight to my hips. Feeling a dreadful panic for when I finally can do more stuff like beaches etc. I feel really uncomfortable in all my clothes, and god knows I need to find a burkini for the swimming bit. I’m having a yogurt in the morning with two pieces of sliced peaches, cheese and cucmber sandwiches for lunch and weight watchers meals for dinner. Between that I am drinking lots of water with cordial (I hate plane water). Friday was a massive slip up though with pie and cakes (………). G.U.I.L.T.Y.

BLERH. Could do with some chearing up! Although this cast coming off this Friday is definitely the biggest motivation to get on with the day at the moment.


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