Friends in Sydney

Helluu! Yesterday Hannicke, Doug and went to Sydney! The whole thing came around when it was announced two weeks ago that the famous couch from the TV- show Friends was coming to Sydney in a pop up “central perk” shop. Being the hardcore friends fan that I am I had to go, and it so happened I would be able to the day after I got my cast off (which happened to be the final day the shop was going to be open)! We went into Sydney by train (a double decker train!) and went straight to Hyde Park to stand in line for the couch! The queue was massive, but then something wonderful happened! Some promoters for STAN (the online tv and movie streaming company that arranged all of this) gave us our leaflets to some sort of deal with signing up and we had a little chat with them! We asked him how long he thought it might be until we were towards the front, and he replied he would go have a talk to see with his boss. Five minutes later he came up to us and told us to come along with him, straight to the front, as he said he wasn’t going to let me stand around for an hour and a half with a broken leg! We were over the moon (although we felt very scared to look at the crowd whilst heading to the front and skipping infront of all of them)! We couldn’t thank him enough! It really makes your day when people go out of their way to do something nice! It really made the whole day so special and beautiful!


After 5 minutes of waiting we were sitting on the famous couch! The whole experience was over a bit too quickly for my liking though as it was definitely a “sit down, take your photo and move on” sort of experience! It all happened so fast I didn’t really have time to look around properly and digest it all, but we got some photos and had a decent cup of “central perk” coffee outside the little pop up shop on a bench in the park, so I was beyond happy!












After finishing with the friends experience so fast we suddenly had a lot more free time than we originally thought. We walked back to the train station to get a train (and bus because of roadworks) down to Circular Quay. We passed the ferries and headed towards The Rocks for some lunch! We ended up going to this Italian restaurant, and boy, we didn’t realize that our choice meant our “friends experience” would continue here too! The waitress was ridiculously unprofessional it ended up just being funny! It was like being served by Rachel at the coffee shop! Haha, her mistakes included constantly leaning over the table and our food to serve us (including while we were eating), talking to us and about or food that made us uncomfortable, leaning on Hannicke’s chair when chatting to the other waitress and so much more! Not to mention similar situations at other tables, leading to innocent American tourists getting very confused and stressed! It was funny though and the food was pretty decent, so it didn’t spoil the day too much.




Afterward we went for some beer and pretzels at a German pub around the corner, as it happens to be Oktoberfest this month. I wussed out and had a shandy (beer with lemonade), as it was happy hour and we were buying in bulk and I wanted to buy something I knew I would have a fair chance of liking! We sat there for a couple of hours talking before heading back towards circular quay and then the train! It was a great but definitely a tiring day,  and although I managed to walk around with my moonboot and crutches, I was well and truly worn out by the time we got home. Hannicke and Dough were so patient too, walking happily with me at snail pace and spending that extra time locating disabled lifts! Today I am taking it steady again and letting my foot rest from it’s fine efforts the day before. I am hoping to get onto some work today, although the day has slipped by so quickly! I have however finally managed to make my bed after months of lying in the same, smelly sheets! Can’t wait to sleep tonight!







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