Sorry again for troublesome post, there have been a lot of them lately. The thing is, is that I really don’t feel great a lot of the time. Right now I really want to get on with my life and just be able to walk. Two days have been since the cast came off and things have gone from an extrodinary excitement to anxiousness. The fact is is that I couldn’t just slip into the moonboot and walk away. Even with the support of the moonboot my leg can’t take the pressure. It hurts and feels funny, in a bad way. Stuff doesn’t feel right down there! It’s hyper sensitiv (almost painfull like burning sensation) to touch in places and the swelling still hasn’t gone fully down. Bruises have reemerged this Sunday evening, and I am worried I have done something wrong to worsen it again! The doctors said I was fine on Friday, but he only examined me for 5 min, what if he was sloppy and didn’t pick up on something!  I think I need to contact the physiotherapist asap and be given some guidene on all of this.

My foot will never be the same. This whole ordeal is not over in 6 weeks, this is for life. I have no idea how long it will take to be able to run, or to hike. Saying farewell to any chance of loosing weight. It will always be permanently weakened and easily sored. All because of one stupid stupid decision to go surfing.

Feel like I just want to come home again now. I really feel horrid again. Resetment, bitterness and frustration is affecting how I am around people, and I sense I might be getting annoying for some people.



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