Brekky on balchony

This weekend has been a good’n! On Friday, the day after my first physiotherapist (which went very well) and going to the fruit markets, I decided to chill for the day, and Hannicke and I did just that together! Amongst other things we baked blueberry muffins, ordered pizza with Steven (the best take away pizza I have ever tried from a place called Crust) and cried together watching the theory of everything, a film about Steven Hawkin and his first wife. My word what a sad film!

IMG_20151021_183203 IMG_20151021_183235 IMG_20151024_172940
On Saturday Hannicke and I decided we should do breakfast on the balchony, with lots of fruit, yogurt, coffee and of course the delicious muffins! It was beautiful weather in the morning, and it was such a lovely way to start the day! The rest of the day we motivated eachother to do uni work, doing two hour intervalls with breaks inbetween! In the evening a whole bunch of people joined us to watch Star Wars (phantom Menace), as we want a refresher of the movies before the new one comes out this christmas!!

IMG_20151024_114747 IMG_20151024_101548 IMG_20151024_101431 IMG_20151024_101347

Sunday morning was more or less a repeat of the day before, brekky and working on prep for tests and submissions for the final week of normal uni before exams. In the afternoon though I got bored, so I decided it was finally time to walk to the beach! It went incredibly well, although I took my time on the softer sand, and had Steven helping me carry my crutches. It was very windy, but warm and blue. So beautiful.

IMG_20151025_153442 IMG_20151025_153403 IMG_20151025_153317 IMG_20151026_234607

In the evening we watched another star wars film (the clone wars) and made a South African dish with Hannicke! Hannicke is Afrikaans and we noticed the other day she was eating pap (a mealy mash) that Steven and I had in Swaziland with chakalaka, and we decided we should make it together that Sunday! I will post recipe later! All in all I have had a wonderful weekend being both busy and relaxing! My foot is getting stronger and stronger everyday, and I am definitely feeling in a better mood after such a wonderful weekend!



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