Weird mood

Hey guuys!
This week has flown by quickly! Firstly I had a plant quiz (ID-ing an unknown plant within 40 min) on Monday, A Shaping Earth’s surfaces test all about soil on Wednesday and then I have been working on my Herbarium the rest of this week. It was supposed to delivered on Friday, but then the lecturer told me he wasn’t going to be around that day after all, and so to give him it in on Monday. WIN! Two extra days to work on it, which was super lucky, as I realized I had two of them ID-ed wrong and had to go back on the Friday to re-identify them. The rest of the assignment is writing about something interesting on each specimens’ ecology, and which I have totally got carried away with! There were some really interesting articles on particularly these plant’s different adaptations to fire (particularly about post-fire recruitment). Reading about the Australian wildlife and how it’s all so very very different from anything I have really learned about before is quite interesting! Particularly a paper called “Temperature thresholds of physically dormant seeds and plant functional responses to fire: variation among species and relative impact of climate change” by Ooi et al. (2014) was an excellent read. Uni work is so often so time pressured that you never have time to fully read the articles and appreciate them, but with this herbarium assignment (modified to be on identification and research on plant species due to me being unable to collect and press plants due to my leg) I actually have got quite enthused! A couple of weeks ago I was also reading some interesting stuff on plant secondary metabolites (in this case chemicals the plant has which deters predation) and how this affects koala and possum feeding behaviour (who posses the a digestive system that can cope with a certain amount of these substances). If you are interested in that check out “Eucalyptus foliar chemistry explains selective feeding by koalas” by Moore et al. (2005), or  Intraspecific variation in Eucalyptus secondary metabolites determines food intake by folivorous marsupials” by Lawler et al. (1998).


Apart from that I actually won an instagram competition at the university and received 100 dollars (!!!), and I have finally got some more contacts again after running out and having to wear glasses for over a week straight. In other news Hannicke and I went to the gym on Thursday, and although I was really really careful I MIGHT have been a bit too ambitious and hurt myself a bit. Oh well, I tried, at least I know now for sure that I am still not ready for the gym yet. My mood has swung tremendously this week, with both ups and downs. I have felt quite tired lately, yet I know I am getting at least 7-8 hours of sleep each night, so I am wondering if it is because I have been a bit slack with taking my iron pills or if maybe my body is just working so hard on recovering my leg it is too exhausted to do anything else! Being tired means my focus hasn’t been how I have wanted it and so studying has been difficult. Next week is study recess so I am preparing myself for bedtimes at 21 and early mornings with productivity!


Oh and I had my first “barbie” since I have been here! It was so sweet actually, the RA’s had arranged a post-formal ball” morning barbeque to tend to all the hungover students on campus who had had a BIG night the day before. I didn’t actually go to the formal ball, but I did tottle along with Hannicke for some hash browns, fried eggs and bacon sandwiches made straight from the barbie. A barbie brekky you may say! Lots of fragile souls turned up, and it was nice to sit in the sun for 20 min enjoying an early lunch (or late breakfast if you were one of the people who only had just got up after getting home late last night).



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