My technological world is complete #4

So how annoying is that title become? It’s become a thing now, so I just have to go with it, haha. So I haven’t actually mentioned what I bought myself for my birthday a couple of months ago! It was a combined present from both my own money, my grandparents, my aunt, and my mum and dad (not that it required all the money from all the people, I am pretending that everyone “chipped in” a bit)! I have been wanting one of these for years and years, and finally, on a bit of an impulse, I did it! I mean, if I was going to get a GoPro, it had to be during my time in Australia! I still haven’t really used it much yet apart from in my room, but when I can walk a bit more strongly I am going to do a little video of campus and surrounds for you guys as a test run before my travels this Christmas! I am glad I waited too, as the GoPros have gone through massive improvements since the first generations came out. I proudly own the GoPro Hero 4 Silver, the mid range of the newest models! Unlike the older models you can video record at much higher resolutions (including 4K) at much higher frames per second (aka. smoother video images at higher quality), as well as having a touch screen on the back. Previous models have had no screen, and filming was more of a “point and aim and hope for the best” sort of experience. Now I can actually see a bit more of what I am doing, although it does drain the battery a fair bit. In addition to the actual camera the package included a standard housing with interchangeable back-doors for different environments (shallow water, deep waters and terrestrial), as well as some mounts etc. I also bought myself a red filter for when I (hopefully) use it underwater to colour correct the video images, and a little grip stick to mount it on making it easier to film.


The coolest thing might be that it comes along with a decent editing program and an app! I can easily connect my GoPro to my phone and download all my pictures there, making it easy to share on Facebook and instagram! It’s always such a faff sometimes when you have to upload them to the computer first (although it still obviously has that option too) and now I can skipp that stage altogether. You can also use the app to monitor what you are filming, e.g. if you were to set it up in somewhere where you wanted to film wildlife, you could go hide away X number of metres away and keep track of what you are filming on your phone without disturbing anything! Oh how I love camera tech!!

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