one down, one to go

This last week has wizzed by! Hannicke, Doug and I have settled into a nice routine of 7.30 am starts with healthy breakfasts and full days of revision with coffee breaks and a little Seinfield watching. It’s been quite nice being in a routine like this, especially when you are doing it with others and you have a friendly face to see in the morning! Hannicke has also taught me to knit, which I am enjoying as a productive way to have breaks. My only fun activity last week was on Saturday, when I was invited to go for a drink with all the people I have got to know here on campus! It was someone’s Birthday, and we went to the patch and had a nice burger and drinks!



The rest of the weekend flew by and suddenly the first exam was right round the corner.  It was the Biodiversity of Terrestrial Organisms Practical exam, and despite my best revision efforts it went terrible. I am not sure if it was a lack of knowledge or the time pressure, but it really wasn’t my day. The exam was 90 min, and there were 15 questions set out as posts in the lab. The class was divided in groups and arranged as a rota, having 6 min per question. Now, it’s no secrete that I don’t appreciate exam time pressures and this was a whole new level of time limits. When you think about it, 6 minutes is nothing. Sit down, read the question(s), analyse the specimen infront of you, find notes and write material (often for sub questions) all in 6 minutes was unbearable. I don’t think at any point did I have time to think, I was too concerned about getting something down during that minimal time. It ended up being all very terrible, my grammar even worse than usual, and the info only vaguely relevant. I could have cried walking out of that exam, and to make things worse my friends around me thought that “it wasn’t too bad”. GREAT,  just me then.. Super **** duper. I mastered enough determination to not have a complete meltdown afterwards around my friends though, although I wasn’t exactly beaming with smiles either. After sulking for a while I finished stressing about it. What can I do? It’s done and gone, and sulking isn’t going to change anything. Now I only have one more exam left too, and then it’s the summer holiday, which is exciting!

I already knew I was going to need a break from revision after the exam, and so arranged to spend couple of hours doing my internship. I finished earlier than I thought, and so I decided I should make the most of my “day off”. So I went home and arranged with Steven to go to the beach! Steven got to borrow his flatmates car and so we drove to Corrimal beach and did some sunning for a couple of hours. I reaaallyy needed that; talking, sunshine, music, and even an attempt to go in the ocean! I chickened out after gently falling on one of the waves, as I realized my foot still isn’t strong enough! Still fun though! Pretty cold still too (or am I just getting more Australian about temperatures?).





DSC_0400In the evening we went to Shawnee and Max’s place and had a Mexican feast /did some more bookings for the roadtrip! Not any space on their little table for two, we decided to sit in a circle in the living room and eat it on the floor whilst listening to awesome tunes from our “Roadtrip playlist”. Haha, kinda cosy! It has been nice hanging out there again now that I am able to walk more and get around there (did I mention without the moonboot?).




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