Exams are over!

Right now I am wallowing in my own slobbiness in my room, enjoying the most deserved lie in that has ever existed. This last week has wizzed by, so fast I can’t even properly remember what I have been up to! Monday and Tuesday I continued studying for the exam, interrupted by a beautiful walk to Towradgi beach! It was such a beautiful evening I had to go outside and enjoy it. I walked towards Fairy meadow Beach before taking the “back route” towards Towradgi beach behind the dunes. here I passed the large fields where people were playing sports and walked through a cute seaside residential area. The sun was setting over Mt. Keira and there was a cool breeze out, making the walk a lot more pleasant temperature wise. In the sky I spotted white flocks of cockatoos turning golden by the setting sun, and bright blue superb fairy wrens daintily hopping around among branches. Then suddenly the path did a turn and I was facing the blue sea at Towradgi. One surfer was going out for his evening surf, and others were jogging and walking their dogs on the beach. I went a paddling before walking along the beach home again. It was one of those perfect walks that was so needed.




A walk to Towradgi Beach from Eleanor Charnock on Vimeo.

Suddenly it was a day later and the night before and full panic commensed. I woke up at 5 am to go over more notes before heading towards UOW for my 9 am exam. The exam hall was MASSIVE. I don’t know how many we were in there, but judging from the organisation I would say at least 1000. The hall was divided into letters, from A to P, with each letter containing at least three different subjects sitting their exam (guessing about 20 people per class). It was incredibly well organized though, and suddenly 3 hours later it was all over. The exam went great! Obviously lots of vagueness and gaps of knowledge, but all in all it was definitely a pass. Then it was time to run home and finish off some Shaping Earth’s Surfaces work that was in for 5 pm. Then… DONE. Steven and I went for a quick sunbathing sesh in the sun before the gang decided to celebrate og go out to the Grand. It was definitely the best night I have had out in Wollongong, haha, but there isn’t much competition considering I have only been out a total of twice. The Grand was the weirdest place I have ever been to, it was a huge building which was both a pub and a nightclub. One room was with pool tables and couches, another with slot machines (apparently aussies are really bad with having slot machines everywhere taking advantage of drunk people), a tropical outside area for smoking with a bar and a DJ, a “nightclubbing room” that was dark and with lights and raving music, and lastly a room that I couldn’t really work out what was, it was another bar area with seats I guess.


The following 48 hours have been with a hangover, although I still managed to go to my fysiotherapist on Thursday morning, and the internship on Friday. Friday afternoon we decided we should go to the beach and fry ourselves in the 36 something degrees weather. I went in the sea for the first time (properly) with some hand holding support from Shawnee. It was so nice to cool down in the sea when it was so hot! Later on we cooked ourselves a roast (perfect weather eh?) which was so so so delicious. Roasted potatoes, carrots, brokkoli, sweet potato mash, stuffing, roast chicken, and yorkshire puddings with gravy. It was all so good it went down VERY fast. Maybe we are getting a little homesick for food.

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