First week of Summer holiday

This week has been yet another great one, although very chaotic, so bear with me! The week has mostly consisted of getting up and going to my internship (at the end of this week I will only have ca. 50 hours to go, which is ca. 1 week). On Monday and Tuesday I was cutting roots for Elli-Frances, who is doing a project on mycorrhizae and plants. The work is quite monotonous, but I still enjoy it! It’s nice to be productive without having to work your brain too hard for a change! I do my hours and then at the end of the day I get to go home and just relax, which is so unusual for students. Although, I still have to read and summerize 6 papers for Kristin, who is in charge of my internship, so I am getting on that ASAP.


On one of the days Steven met up with me during my lunch break in the Botanical Gardens, which I haven’t been to since before the incident. I had forgotten how beautiful the place was, and I enjoyed a beautiful pond view whilst tucking into my avocado toast sandwiches. All the trees around Wollongong are so beautiful too! There are these trees called Jacaranda, which have been in blossom this spring and have covered the city in beautiful purple!





Wednesday I took the day off as Elli had to organize some stuff with her supervisor and I wouldn’t be needed. Steven and I picked up some stuff for the roadtrip; a gas burner to do some cooking. We found it for sale on Gumtree, a 2nd hand website much like Finn. The owner was a biker who obviously loved long distance road trips and camping, but he said that the gas burner in question was much too awkward and big for his bike. Perfect for a car though, and it was in great condition, so a steal for us! He kindly threw in a large water dispenser and tarpaulin too. Shawnee and Max picked up a tent a couple of days later, and so now we pretty much have the most important pieces for our camping trip ready! The tent (also 2nd hand) is huge and in great condition. It is already been tested and set up in Shawnee and Max’s garden, which apparently was no problem! My drivers license has finally arrived too, so we are all ready and rearing to go! Can’t believe it is only 19 days away! Things are still being organized for Tasmania, but we (Mari, Elisabeth and I) know we have a free place to stay in Hobart (Mari has contacts, woho) and we have also rented a car for a week! Lots of driving then this summer, but on this part of the trip it will be used more for day trips from Hobart, instead of a full roadtrip where we stay at different places.




Apart from that the flat and my room are a mess! Our accommodation contracts end this Sunday, and the flats have to be cleaned and tidied. I have managed to gain so much leftover food, people were going to chuck out. I have even scored a nice poster and beauty products of Jen, who was doing a massive clear out! Lots of quality stuff too, which is great! Now I have everything from coffee, Kim Kardashian perfume, beans, coconut oil for hair, moisturisers and tuna. I still haven’t actually packed, so better get on that! Very interested to see how much stuff I have accumulated during just one semester. Will report back. Oh and in final news, I got massively burnt on Wednesday, when Steven and I went to the beach after picking up the camping gear. I thought I had put sun cream on, but obviuosly not well/ enough, and my back has been bright red and sore for the remainder of the week. Ups. You live and you learn. I am wacking up the sun factor to 50 now, and making sure I apply frequently at the beach too now! We were only out for 2 hours, so it really proves how quickly it all can go wrong!


Sorry for a bit of a messy post! I am sure I should have worked out how to blog properly now, considering I have had this thing for almost three years now! If anything, I think I might have got lazier and less structured, which isn’t good. My language is definitely more casual too. Need to step it up.

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