Symbio Wildlife park

Last Sunday Shawnee, Max, Steven and I went to Symbio wildlife park to see some Australian animals! It was a small park, not far from Stanwell tops (This place) and we took the double decker train and the bus to get there! The long (ish) journey was worth it though, it was the perfect size and the perfect amount of people. We basically had the whole park to ourselves! We mainly went to see Imogen, the 1 year old baby koala! She was such a cute little soul, so curious and playful! Not at all lazy like most of the other adult koalas who were content sitting around eating eucalyptus leaves. We also got to see a red panda feeding, a tiger snoozing, pet the farmyard animals and stroke kangaroos (my favourite bit). I also found myself a cockatoo teddy upgrade, although I had to do with a cuddle and a photo because I couldn’t allow myself to spend such ridiculous amounts of money on a stuffed toy. I didn’t take many photos, and mostly tried my hand at filming with my Gopro, however my friends did! So enjoy the two beautiful photos taken my friend Max.








Symbio zoo from Eleanor Charnock on Vimeo.

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