New Aussie Home

So last time I updated I was just about to start the packing and cleaning of my flat, and boy did that take time! The flat had to be completely cleared of stuff, and boy does the clutter gather. I tried saving as much as possible, but despite my best efforts bags and bags and bags of food, kitchen equipment and other usuable stuff got chucked out. I wish Campus East would have arranged a food bank and a collection of equipment, because I felt racked with guilt. So much waste of perfectly good stuff. Anyway, we finally managed to scrub the place spotless and move my stuff to Shawnee and Max’s place with the help of Steven’s flatmate and Hannickes car!

I stayed in my “old” room for one more night and had a lovely final dinner with Hannicke, Doug and their friends. We went to a Lebanese restaurant called Al Aseel and shared a platter of absolutely delicious food. We had skewers of chicken served with tabouli, baba ghanouj, hummos, garlic dip & falafel, with a Fattoush salad (I refound what we had on the menu online). Basically, it was as simple as chicken with salads, hummus, accompanied with a type of lebanese bread which was like a kebab wrap. I don’t think I have ever had Lebanese before, but I was truly impressed. Honestly, it was so fresh and tasty! I had no idea such simple foods could taste that fresh, flavourful and have so many textures and dimensions. The restaurant had a belly dancer for entertainment too, which was such a blast! The next day, Sunday, I migrated over to my new house and unpacked. The whole UEA Ecology fam are all officially gathered under the same roof now! We spent move-in day in the garden setting up a pool and enjoying the sunny weather.  I took some photos so you can see my new home for over the summer before I can move back into the accommodation at UOW. The place is great, but I must admit, the biggest challenge these last couple of days have been sleeping on the (very uncomfortable) sofa bed with my new roomie/ bed sharer Steven. It has been a task, but after an initial test phase these last days we have finally worked out how to sleep comfortably. Things might be looking up for us too as our room has gone through an upgrade after we nabbed two (perfectly good) sofas off the street (that were going to be chucked out) and replaced the old one. Now we have both floor space for mattress and a nice sized sofa that can be slept on! Oh the luxury!








On Sunday evening after unpacking Shawnee and I went out to see an Australian band we had impulsively booked months earlier. It turned out this event was for all ages (I had booked the wrong one….), and we were mostly hanging out with newly 18 year old extreme hipsters. The band that was playing though were good, so we persevered and stuck it out until they came on. We drank one (or several) vodka and cokes in the mean time to make us feel less awkward in the youthful atmosphere. It worked a treat (as an addition to the wine and vodka shot we had had for pre drinks) and before we knew it all inhibitions dropped and we enjoyed the band (The Vanns), danced like crazy and did a lot of laughing.







Apart from that though we have just “done the daily grind” of work and internshipping and chilled out together in the evening. We have made communal meals from the food we got from the flats on Campus East and have yet to spend a dime on dinners! So far we have had spaghetti, lamb chops with mashed potato and veggies, and a sausage and chickpea stew. I was well pleased about the stew I made for them! Pork sausages, tomatoes, chichpeas, chicken stock, onions and garlic, served with parsley and rice!




One thought on “New Aussie Home

  1. Ikke bare bare å flytte, det er sikkert :p Men det blir vel bare bedre og bedre når man får tid å komme seg ordentlig på plass! Det ser i alle fall ut som du har det supert i Australia 🙂

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