Eat Street market with Linzy

Yesterday I finally returned to the Eat Street Market in Wollongong! I went with my friend Linzy and Shannon, and we enjoyed the lovely summer atmosphere. Last time I went it was “winter” and themed accordingly, but that was all replaced now with summer stalls with lots of thirst clenching drinks, ice cream and lighter food options. We did a lot of tasting of smaller dishes, which was a great way to do it because then we got to try lots of different things! I tried my first oyster harvested fresh from Waterfall region (?) and still can’t decide what I think of it! We also tried some type of Indian snack which was basically deep fried cheese (healthy I know),  followed by some Italian street food of flavoured pasta that was deep fried. For dessert we enjoyed some locally made Ice cream with the most amazing flavoures! I had panacotta and BlackBerry, and fig vanilla! The vanilla and fig one was so delicious and tasted like Christmassy ice cream. The ice cream has got to be the best combination of Christmas and hot Australian weather I have seen/eaten yet.







Afterwards Linzy invited me to go with her to some friends and try pavlova (an Aussie dessert) and watch The Castle (an Aussie film). The pavlova was great, like an Eton mess but less messy, and the film was so charming! We didn’t get to see the end before we had to head home, but definitely something I want to watch the end of. A charming film about these lovely, life loving bogans (Australian chavs) that must battle it out in the courts against the Airport who want to evict them to expand.

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