Santa pub crawl and other stuff

I’m not going to lie and just write about all the amazing things that happen down here and pretend real life doesn’t go in in the background sometimes too. I have been so ridiculously depressed these last couple of days, triggered by an ex boyfriend related incident. What I have worked so long with and doing so well to overcome is now the main and only thing that occupies my head. Feeling so sad, lonely, empty and anxious, my head feels like it could explode from the pressure of all the billions of thoughts going through it. Getting up again in the morning is harder than ever and I feel like a zombie during the day. Eat, smile, talk and pretend life is fine as usual. Well, more or less, I may have had a little (major) meltdown on the day the incident happened and the pepz in my house comforted me.



Before all that depressing stuff though I actually have enjoyed the company of a fellow Norwegian called Kristin who I made friends with on the Blue Mountains trip! She needed a place to stay for a couple of days before her flight back Home to Oslo! It was nice to talk to her about Norwegian events and gossip (mostly about bloggers haha!) and even share stories of Christmas traditions! On her final day we went for lunch and had a lovely day together doing some shopping for necessities! She even left me a sneaky little post card for me that I didn’t notice until after she left, which really cheered me up! We have definitely decided to meet up back home in Oslo! Hope we can make that happen!




Shawnee forced me out this Saturday to the Santa Pub crawl to cheer me up, which it did for a while!  I ended the night early though and was in bed by 23 for a good night sleep whilst the rest of the gang returned home at an impressive 6 in the morning! Think it will be my turn to comfort them today (Sunday)! Haha! The pub crawl mostly took place at one big location (North Wollongong Hotel), although most of the clubs and pubs in town and surrounds had decided to join in on the event and were doing Sants themed evenings and reduced prices of alcohol too! The event itself, one of the biggest santa pub crawls in the world) is an annual event for charity, so it’s nice that the money we spent is going to a nice cause as the income of all the wristbans for entry are for the charity, as well as most of the bars and clubs donating profits too! The event was Christmas themed and everyone dressed up as santas! I decided to go in a Christmas – pub crawl combined themed top with a Christmassy skirt and christmas decorations for earrings.  The skirt was actually a Santa hat mistake (I bought a santa hat made to put over chairs) made geniously by shawnee into a skirt!! All in all a nice evening, although forgetting the key and having to reapear in town to collect it was a bit of a bummer! 






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