Just popped by to say hello!

Right now I am lying exhausted on a sofa in the comunal area at the Katoomba Caravan park after a looong, exciting day of exploring! I am having a little quiet time to myself and enjoying some reading of random magazines layed out by the owners.

I am currently on my roadtrip and thought I would just let you few readers out there (mostly for fam), who might be wondering if I have died this next month, to know I probably won’t be updating my blog for a while! I didn’t bring my computer with me and internet is minimal (I only have 3G for occasionally checking emails and stuff). I also want to write the blogposts in retrospect as I can spend some time properly organizing it all and grabbing all the relevant photos from all my devices!

If you still want to keep in touch you can still email me or send me a message on facebook! If you want to follow me a bit during the trip I will probably still be uploading some videos and photos to my instagram regularly (more or less everyday). My acount is called elliemacha (link), and you can follow me online on your computer (doesn’t require a user or anything) or if you are feeling particularly tech savy you could download the app on your phone and add me! Shawnee and I also made a combined instagram together for our cute roadtrip mascot Glynn the sheep if you want to follow him too (link)!




Some photos from todays adventure! 

If not, see ya in little overa month! 😀

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