I don’t really know how to start this post! So much has happened since I last posted a post 48 days ago. In retrospect 48 days feels like a blink of an eye, but at the same time it feels like years and years have passed. I don’t know how, but I feel like I have grown a tiny bit older on those 2700 km. I have learned, mastered, and un-mastered, experienced, thought, laughed, been angry, cooperated, planned, touched, smelt and seen. I feel, although in it’s simplest form is just some travel, it all has really touched my soul a little and made me a little humbler and wiser. I view the world with a slightly different perspective too; the simplest things that before meant nothing to me now fill me with such joy and excitement; lying on a soft mattress with warm duvets and pillows, an ice cold lemonade (or even water) with ice cubes, air conditioned rooms, dry towels and a roof over my head during rain. It sounds silly, I know, but it’s true!

So how am I going to summarise a whole month and a bit of travel on this blog? Well, with many, many, many posts with MANY photos! For now though, enjoy some thoughts and notes I made during the journey:

    • Campers and caravaners are the happiest, most life- loving, relaxed people I have ever met.
    • Kids playing and laughing around campsites is uplifting and joyous!
    • I am a mental mess when it comes to remembering where I put stuff, particularly expensive stuff like phone and GoPro.
    • Lemon lime bitters is orgasmic.
    • Sometimes alone time is needed.
    • I will never tire of seeing and getting excited about wild kangaroos.

Flip Flop life

    • Travelling focuses your mind on what matters.
    • Backpacker clothes are more than a fashion, it’s a necessity. it’s impossible to look smart when travelling in hot, sticky places.
    • In tropics, overcast doesn’t mean you still won’t burn.
    • Going to bed at 21.00 and waking up at 7.00 everyday is actually something I enjoy! You fully utilise the daylight (cooler morning hours)!
    • Being woken by one of the globe’s loudest dawn choruses which includes the Kookaburra is actually not annoying, but looked forward to every morning.
    • Hot chocolate from leftover chocolates from Christmas is the best thing ever.
    • Rainforests are the most beautiful place on earth, although very noisy!
    • My towel hasn’t been dry for days.
    • My feet are painfully itchy.
    • Books I read:  “Wild” by Cheryl Strayed and “En man ved navn Ove” by Fredrick Backman.


    • I have lived in my flip flops for 95 % of the roadtrip. Bought by my bestie Eidi from Brazil, still holding strong!
    • I have missed home sometimes a lot and sometimes not at all. The idea of returning in 6 months fills me with joy though.
    • Australia’s beauty and ugliness has made me both inspired, at peace, upset, angry and humble.
    • There is a dysfunctional relationship between humans and nature. Humans always win.
    • I had over 100 bites on my body at one point.
    • Rainy days = art galleries.
    • Tennis is a good sport to enjoy with new faces and friends!
    • Couchsurfing isn’t so bad after all! Our host was so generous and lovely!
    • High by peking duk is the trickiest lyrics in the world. Anthem of Tasmania.
    • Kids on airplanes…. Where does this energy come from.
    • I am so thankful and feel so lucky to be in a position that I am to be able to have the freedom and money to do such an adventure. I understand how privileged it is and how much I owe it to my family for both the encouragement and financial support they have given me (I mean a tiny bit of it is my own saved money from work, but it would be nowhere near enough without all the birthday, Christmas and general money gifts from my parents!).
    • I bought several souvenirs, including a blanket (?) from Nimbin, bird postcards from Byron Bay and Cairns, a koala from Australia Zoo, honey and blackcurrent liquor from Salamanca Markets in Hobart, a tea towel from MONA gallery ferry terminal in Hobart and a book on the Tasmanian devil from Hobart Airport.


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