Part 6: Byron Bay

The day after our visit to the rainforest we decided to do completely different and head into Byron Bay and civilisation. Byron Bay had popped up a lot during our planning so we had to see what was up with this town! After sharing my shower with the tree frog and eating our porridge we set off towards the coast. We were greeted at Byron Bay with the most chilled out atmosphere I have ever come across, a place packed with smiley travellers, surfers and hippies. The place was colourful with lots of local shops and boutiques, second hand book stores and cute cafés. We spent the morning meandering through the different stores, wanting to buy all the beautiful, colourful knick knacks, souvenirs and patterned clothing. On the streets were performers and artists, and on most walls were interesting boards with flyers and advertisement for local yoga classes, veggie cooking classes, dreadlock mainentance appointments, healing sessions and other spiritual experiences. Stuff you want, but don’t need of course. I eventually settled for a beautiful postcard of a black cockatoo before heading to lunch at a mexican restaurant (YUM)! In the afternoon we checked out Byron bay’s surrounding beaches before settling for one to spend a couple of hours relaxing on!


Byron Bay

Byron Bay

Byron Bay

Byron Bay

Back at camp I had a chat with lovely lady who owns place whilst befriending her cattle and curious calves, and Sally the mare. For dinner we baked jacked potatoes with baked beans and cheese on the campfire before retiring to bed at the now regular 9 o’clock at night time.

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