Part 7: Nimbin

On our second day staying at the Channon campground we decided to go to Nimbin! This town became what it is today, a haven for hippies and alternative lifestyle people, after the town hosted a festival in the 1970s. After the festival many of the festival goers remained in Nimbin and formed the alternative community that we see today. The Festival is also famous for being the first event to seek permission for the use of land from the Traditional Owners (The indigenous), making legal history! In all honesty though, this place was my least favourite place of them all. Apart from looking round the shops at all the Bob Marley-, John Lennon-, rainbow coloured clothing, the alternative medicine and other tat for an hour I was pretty fed up. The people around didn’t look like people you wanted to be friends with, all drinking and doing drugs in early afternoon, and the place just looked a bit run down. Not at all like Byron Bay with the lighter, more friendly atmosphere! I did buy myself a pretty blanket (?) though (which I loved), some baked goods and a few odd things for my secrete santa present.





After spending the afternoon there I was glad to be leaving it for dust. We decided to go to some rock pools and do some swimming, not far from Nimbin! We shared the water with some freshwater turtles, and did some jumping in the water from the cliff edge before the weather turned sour and started to rain. The rest of the afternoon we lazed around back at the campsite reading and talking, before dinner and bed!


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