Part 9: Christmas continues on the Gold Coast

Christmas Day was finally upon us! We tried to force the Christmassy feelings upon ourselves despite it being the most un-Christmassy Christmas we had ever experienced, and we did this by opening prezzies in the morning in our pyjamas under under the Christmas “tree”. Finally we got to reveal who was who’s secrete Santa, although everyone had sort of worked it out apart from me. I was convinced it was Max but it turned out it was Shawnee! She got me a pretty blue necklace of a butterfly, avocado face mask and a hand-painted wishing stone, and it was all very well received! I ended up getting a BBQ set, a hacky sack and a camping mug for Max, which I think he liked too!  After the presents were opened we treated ourselves to bacon sandwiches for breakfast and ate lots of chocolate!



After we had opened our presents, eaten a good breakfast and already having had the Christmas meal the day before, we suddenly realized we weren’t sure how to fill the rest of the day. The rest of the city was on shut down, having actual real Christmases with family in their homes. In addition to this there was a cyclon threatening to happen any minute. We had to desperately keep spirits high somehow and so in the end we thought we better go to the beach, despite the weather, and try out the Australian way of celebrating this holiday. On the beach we were pleased to see it wasn’t completely deserted and that other Aussie families were persevering the bad weather with barbecues and beach time. Shawnee, Steven and Max popped in the water for a bit, whilst I went for a tiny walk. We also built a “sandman” that looked incredibly creepy! Materials were limited, so zombie-eyes were all we could make from white seashells!





When we got too cold for the beach we headed back to the hostel and continued to be a bit lost on what to do. Next though: Lunch. We headed back into town and found a great Indian place where we could cure our boredom with food! I noticed that a lot of Asian places were open for business on this day and that generally a lot of Asians were out and about, and it struck me that it’s not traditional for many of them to celebrate Christmas! After lunch the weather turned warmer and more sunny, and the streets got busy with Australian families taking a little post-Christmas dinner stroll. Street performers emerged and the streets filled with people, hustle and bustle. Shawnee and I decided to spend more money and have a couples massage whilst the boys hung on the famous surfers paradise beach and did some people watching. My back definitely needed sorting out after two weeks in a tent! it was slightly painful working on all those knots, but it felt good afterwards. Later we joined them for a cocktail at the Hard Rock café. The sun set and the time finally ticked to a sufficiently late enough so I could call my parents back home in Norway and then head back home and go to bed!







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