Part 22: Townsville rock pool and Little crystal creek

Suddenly our last full day of the roadtrip was upon us. There was a shared feeling of sadness, although mixed heavily with excitement and relief to soon have matresses, fridges and Aircon, as well as new adventures! I woke up earlier than everyone else, and decided to go for a morning swim in the pool before a shower. For breakfast I couldn’t muster the thought of trying to eat more porridge, so I stole some wraps and cheese to nibble on instead. Before heading towards Mission Beach we spent the early afternoon, after leaving the campsite, at one of Townsville’s rockpools/lagoons where we could swim stress-free and not need to worry about the stingers like the box jellyfish! The large lagoon was with filtered saltwater from the sea from the other side of the wall, had lovely grassy spaces shaded by palmtrees  to lie on, overlooking the impressive Magnetic Island. It was a very impressive design! We finished off our morning in Townsville with ANOTHER visit to the “best gelato of the roadtrip” for another taste of that cool icy dream. This time round I opted for a luxurius chocolate themed ice cream to contrast my fruity one the day before and ended up deciding on a white chocolate and milk chocolate cone. 





We set off towards Mission Beach, but made a detour to a place called Little Crystal Creek, a heritage listed sight in Paluma Range National Park. The beautiful creek lies under a historic stone arch bridge from the 1930s, and from above you look down on enticing cascading waterfalls, streams and pools, like something out of a movie. People and kids were splashing around in the cool waters, tucked away among wet tropical forest like a heavenly oasis. Among the sun dappled trees echoed serene, tropical birdsong and around us fluttered beautiful blue Ulysses butterflies, one even landing on me. The whole scene was surreal. We started at the top of the creeks pools and spent a lazy two hours meandering downwards through the cascades, swimming between pools, jumping over rocks and sliding off smooth streams. At the bottom we saw a massive eel and we all got very excited! We ate lunch back at the car park before saying goodbye to this spot of heaven and continuing onwards to Mission Beach. On route we passed by mountains, forest, fields and towns, and as we watched the world go by from our window I think there was a shared, unspoken feeling that this was the best possible ending to such an amazing journey.

Little Crystal Creek


Little Crystal Creek

Little Crystal Creek

Little Crystal Creek

Little Crystal Creek

Little Crystal Creek

Little Crystal Creek


Little Crystal Creek

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