Part 28: Art Gallery and heading off to Tasmania!

After a hectic couple of days I spent my final days in Cairns resting and lazing around, watching some TV (what a luxury) and eating kaviar and cheese toast sandwiches. On one of my last days though I decided I should probably do something and went into town to go to the local art gallery. On the bus I had a not so nice experience with a drunk group of Aboriginal people, that made me really see first hand how real some of the socio-political issues like unemployment and alcoholism among the Indigenous people are, that I was sadly told about in Indigenous class. It made me realize that harsh reality smacks you in the middle of the face when you least expect it, like when you are enjoying yourself on holiday, and it brings you back down to earth and makes you realize how fortunate you are and how so many people are not!

After a good time pondering questions after the bus experience I eventually arrived at the gallery. I really enjoyed walking around this place as it was a good size and it had a good mix of traditional and modern. Most of the artwork was done by Australian artists, including a large proportion of Aboriginal artists. Some of my favourite pieces included “Drought and Eagles” an environmental piece depicting the harsh Australian landscape, some painted skateboards, pottery inspired by shapes and textures of the rainforest, and a “tree house” made with different fabrics, plastics, toys and colourful objects by a Japanese artist. The tree house was actually really cool, being a collaboration between the artist and local schools around the area, and was a scensory three-dimensional piece of artwork for kids (and grown ups) that was supposed to be touched and explored! I spent a good few hours there before getting an ice cream and then returning home on the bus where I packed and got ready for my flight the next day!






Suddenly my time in Cairns was up and I was on my way on my next adventure! The morning of my flight I got up early, said my goodbyes with Shawnee and Max and headed towards the airport. The flight from Carins to Sydney went incredibly smooth, and my landing at Sydney Airport was spectacular, flying directly over the Opera house and the Harbour bridge! It was strange to fly down the coast, knowing that I would complete that same journey that took us 28 days would take me just under three hours. I remembered to change my clocks as soon as I landed in Sydney as I was back in NSW again, and then checked in again before enduring a long wait for my next flight to Hobart. My flight got delayed 45 mintues, but eventually we boarded.. “Tasmania here I come”!



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