O-Week at UOW

These couple of weeks have been hectic, with major ups and downs! To start with the ups, I managed to go to the gym a few times and on one of the times I trained with a personal trainer for an hour. She helped me create a workout suitable for me and my goals that took consideration to my weakened foot, so I am excited to get started on that! She also did a physical assessment of me and (now for the great news..:) it turned out I had lost 7 kg since I last weighed myself before the summer! 7 whole kilos! I was practically giddy the rest of the day (week) and shamelessly told everyone about my achievement! Unfortunately for the bad news I think I have probably re-gained most of it these past few days with going out and O-week! I got a little too drunk than I probably should have, and the following days consisted therefore of a lot of lying very still, groaning and eating. Meal-wise it hasn’t been too nutritious either, as Hannicke and I decided to dare each other to only live off 100 dollars for food for two weeks and it turns out only unhealthy stuff is cheap! However, my greatest misfortunes these last weeks have been all the injuries and illnesses I have obtained as a result of going out! In summary I have had corneal ulcers/eye infection (actually so bad that I went to the emergency room in the hospital in the evening because it was getting worse and worse), urinal infection, heartburn and of course o-week (freshers’) flu! I have battled it all and am finally starting to feel well again and ready for a healthy start tomorrow fror my first day of classes again! For other ups though I enjoyed going out for mocktails with Dough, Brayden and Hannicke at Pepes, I have finally met all my flatmates, I have signed up for clubs and events at the O-week fair on Campus with Lucie and Brayden, I have gone to the cinemas and watched my now favourite movie ever “How to be Single”, I have laughed way too much with Hannicke whilst hanging out and watching tv-shows, and taken a few too many selfies of myself and my actual tan (I’m allowed one shallow one right?).


IMG_20160223_140359 IMG_20160217_162937 IMG_20160217_221212

I am excited to start back at uni again, get down to work and finally prove to myself that I can do this university business (no broken leg to get in the way this time)! I am not at all interested in going out or lazing around and generally wasting my time this session. I am anxious to start my dissertation and get that out of the way before I start at uni next year back at UEA. I am looking forward to my three subjects this session, which include “Biodiversity of marine and freshwater organisms”, “Oceanography” and “Introduction to Photography”! My timetable this session is looking Ok, with plenty of time to squeeze in potential dissertation work around classes. I am eager to prove to myself that I can become an organized student, keeping on top of work and notes, keeping fit and exercising, making healthy meals and doing my dissertation! Goals!


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