First week back at uni

This week has been a massive success and I am quite proud of myself and all my achievements! On Monday I went to the gym and on Tuesday Hannicke and I decided to try the free volleyball sports event, which was lots of laughs and fun. The rest of the week I have been settling back into class, and enjoying the subjects! I was unsure about the Oceanography subject after the first lecture, but after the practical on Friday when I talked to some fellow students and did some work together I could calm down (because others were also confused and groggy on the maths) and focus on actually understanding the material! The photography class was wonderful and exciting, the lecturer seems lovely and the course content and submissions sound like fun! For one of the assignments we will be doing self-directed photography project and our final photos will be printed out and displayed at the end of session on the wall!


In addition to this I have made time to celebrate Max’s Birthday at Hotel Illawarra with Shawnee, Steven, and Matty. Before Illa we went to one of our favourite places called Red Square where we may have had a little too many flavour induced vodkas.



In other great news I finally had a meeting with Kris (who was in charge of my internship last session) and is happy to be my supervisor for my dissertation project! Mycorrhizae paper, here we cooome (crossing fingers)! This weekend I will be hoping to get started on writing up a project proposal!

Other than that I have had a wonderful Friday evening at the Twilight Markets by the Wollongong lighthouse with Lucie and her friend from next door. The markets consisted predominantly of Asian stalls, and around the grounds red lanterns were hanging ans Chinese dragons were walking around chasing laughing children. Live music, street food and a great view looking over Wollongong harbour, the perfect combo! I had sweet corn cob and a mango ice cream before we walked along the coastal paths and headed home again to Campus East.








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