Easter break

Oh how time keeps on flying! This week has wizzed by and I cannot believe how little time I have left before I go home! The week has pretty much consisted of passing the kangaroo statues on the lawn infront of the Bio building everyday on my way to the lab where I have been processing the roots I collected the week before with Kris and Louisa. Apart from that I have gone to the library and the gym (yet still eaten way too much food). I am proud to say that my first slides are officially ready to be put under the microscope and be screened for mycorrhizae. I am quite proud that I managed to successfully and with no mistakes (I haven’t seen so far, so let’s not jinx this now) prepare my first batch, from picking them in the field, to going through the staining process and mounting them onto slides.


IMG_20160320_144632 IMG_20160321_231618 IMG_20160323_212743

In other personal acheivements I feel excited about my photography class and the stuff I am learning there! It’s such a relief to have a pressure free subject this semester that I am allowed to purely enjoy and feel free to explore and learn without worry. I have an assignment coming up soon on portraiture, so that should be exciting! This Thursday we went in the photography studio in the Creative Arts building at UOW, which was super exciting! We all got to nervously try taking photos of each other with the clean backdrop and professional lighting, and it was a joy how effortlessly the photo’s came out beautiful! We all had to pose for a couple of shots so to mix up the subjects and let everyone have a go at being infront and behind the camera. It’s safe to say I am NOT born to to be a model. I have never felt so self concious in my entire life and I could barely breath I was so embarrassed. I had no idea how to pose or where to look (in the camera, in the horizon, where!?) and as a result I ended up fidgeting and nervously laughing a lot. Luckily I wasn’t the only one who acted like this! ONE person managed to actually take a decent photo of me looking down at the floor (proof of me not knowing where to look) so I will show that one to you all and pretend the rest of my images were of equal standard. I thought I would share my “best photos” from this class at the end of the semester, and hopefully we can see the improvement!

week 4_0282

In non-uni news I went with Linzy, Shannon and Marina to the planetarium on Innovation campus this week, which was spectacular. The Astronomy society were holding an event and we thought it would be fun to do some star gazing for an evening. The evening started with us inside the planetarium looking at our own stars in the night sky, so bright and clear, like I had never seen them before! The southern cross was pointed out to us too, so now I can try and point it out to Mum and Carolyn when they visit me! Afterwards we watched a spectacular film on astronomy, the universe and Australia’s exciting contribution to this mind blowing field of study!


On Friday and Saturday I spent both mornings going out and picking more plants for my project! Earlier this week I told my flatmate Jordan about my project after he asked about it, and he enthusiastically offered his help! We decided it would be a perfect combo for us to head out in the morning and drive to “hard-to-get-to-by-myself-with-no-car” beaches where he could catch a wave an do some surfing whilst I could pick plants! On Friday we headed out to a beach called Thirroul, and on Saturday we went to Bass Point and Windang. I collected a ton of different samples which I can take in to the Lab and start processing them for the microscope. I particularly enjoyed our trip to Bass point today. I finished collecting my plants early and spent another hour watching Jordan surf and lying on the grassy hillslope looking out on the ocean. I felt an inner calmness sitting there, enjoying the sun, listening to the waves crash, feeling the wind in my face and the grass on my palms. Just feeling part of the real world and nature in it’s simplest form, I realized, is for me another source of happiness.

Bass Point

Bass Point

Bass Point


Bass Point

Bass Point


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