2 weeks later

It has officially been two weeks since I have written a post! Wops, I think that actually might be a record (if you look away from when I have been unable to write posts when travelling/holidaying). To be honest, I haven’t really been that proud of any achievements these last couple of weeks, and so not writing about it was a way of denying my failed attempt at life, haha. Nothing serious of course, just nothing really to lift my spirits and achievement levels up with. I have basically failed to go to the gym for two (going on three) weeks now, and my food intake has steadily increased. I have had a lot of work too, and the pressure of it has put me right off it, so much in fact that I have been avoiding it far too much (which means there is more work -> evil cycle). On top of that having to ask my parents for financial help due to my idiocy of not checking emails and not realizing I still owed money for accommodation, loosing my half read New-Norwegian translated from italian book “Min briljante venninne” by Elana Ferrante (I was quite proud of myself for committing to such a “challenging” book), and having to wear my glasses 24/7 which I hate (I have been waiting for my contacts for two weeks now, and I found out only today that they were ready after 3 days but they forgot to text me about the arrival in the store) I just had enough. Hiding myself away with food, Gossip girl and my bed, ruining my lovely time clock, became embarrassingly more and more apparent and so the other day I just couldn’t take it anymore and broke down. A un-timely call to my parents though was definitely the boost I needed, they always know what to say. Loving words of advice and comfort, as well as a reminder that I should go back at read my post from the 12th of March put me back on track again with a new fuelled optimism and drive to try again.

received_1141188602582594 IMG_20160415_115854 IMG_20160415_120014

One of the nicer events from the last couple of weeks was going for breakfast with Brayden and Hannicke at “Lettuce be Frank”. 

So here’s me taking my first step in trying again! Hopefully I can update you on something more positive these next weeks! Time keeps ticking and the struggle to finish my data collection, as well as keeping on top of uni work and everything at uni continues! As much as I fear how short time I have left in regards to my work and enjoying this beautiful country, I am so excited how short time it is until I come home! I can’t wait to see friends and family (and Molly), as well as enjoying a full summer in my beautiful home town! 60 days to go!

Wanda Beach

Wanda Beach

Wanda Beach

Wanda Beach

My other favourite moment was going up towards Sydney, to Sutherland, to meet with my dissertation advisor Kris to go to Wanda and Jibbon Beach to collect plants. I took the train up towards Sydney with Hannicke, who was also heading that way to go take her citizenship test to become Australian! She passed by 100 %, so now she is officially (when the paperwork is signed) Australian!

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