Perfect puzzle

You know when you never will get back that moment again, and on one side you are sad for never being able to experience it again, yet so thankful it happened? High school, a holiday or a first kiss, anything from a split second with someone to a period of their life. Everyone’s had those moments throughout their life. Sometimes it hits me how magically coincidental my existence is, when I think about how I have crossed paths with so many different, special people, and how we crossed paths and shared life chapters together at such specific periods of our lives. How brilliantly, insanely wonderful is it that for example David, Jodie and I all happened to get into UEA and all happened to get into the same flat in ziggurats and become friends? Of all the places in the world, of all the people in the world, of all universities or flats or anything.

When I am old I am going to look back so fondly over my time at UEA.  All those people, all those moments and experiences, shared and felt together. For a time in our lives, we were each other’s world. We were each others every morning standing in front of the lecture hall doors waiting to walk in and find a seat together. We were each others the coffee and baguettes after class where we shared our stress for coursework and laughed about each others adventures and misfortunes in the LCR or a club in town. We were each others getting home from class and slomping on the couch exhausted, gorging on food and watching the TV together before forcing each other to study. We were each others getting hair and make-up ready together before merrily serenading to the newest hits before wobbling gleefully towards the LCR for a night of dancing. We were even each other’s companion in exploration of new, exotic countries.

I look back on that existence of my first two years at university, and I cannot believe how grateful I am for all those people touching my life, in big ways or small, and making it such a special time in my life. Everyone from my friends that I hung out with in class or partnered with in Lab, to my lecturers that made my life hell and heaven, to my flatmates and house mates that I spent my almost every waking hour with. I am sad that I never finished my university chapter with a lot of these people, and that I have missed out on their final year before graduation, and that it will not be the same when I return this fall.  For two years we were perfect pieces of puzzle slotting into each others lives. Soon our lives will never slott back into that puzzle like we did for that specific time of our lives, as we start to reshape into new people as we embark on new chapter of our lives, where we are shaped by new places, around new people. It’s bittersweet, but mostly sweet. Because I know I will be faced with new exciting jigsaw puzzle existences to thrive in, as well as I know that I will always have the memory of our previous lives together, and how wonderful it felt to be surrounded by those people for that moment in time. It makes it OK that we “grow apart” or don’t see each other as much after we have moved onto our next chapter of our lives, because when we meet we can share and laugh over a moment of nostalgia to the days when we used to eat baguettes at Café direct and dance badly in the LCR, and it will feel like it was yesterday.

How can I thank all of those people for making that time so special, all those days and moments and everything that happened within them? They made it the perfect adventure.


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