Rock pools video!

Oh oh oh! Why is it all going to quickly?? According to my calender it’s 18 days until I get to see Mum and Carolyn! I’ve been too busy, or too busy avoiding the fact that I’m busy, to have had time to write on my blog this last week! Lots of things to update you on though (surprisingly- I feel like I married to my desk, bed, couch, etc.). Remind me to tell you about my wonderful day at the Opera house where I saw the Australian ballet perform, and all the cool pictures I took of plankton under the microscope for my oceanography class! Have you ever wondered what a baby crab looks like? I didn’t know what one looked like either, until what appeared to be a tiny unicorn elephant popped into my microscope viewfinder and my lecturer informed that that was what it was. Heads up, it’s very very cute, that’s for sure.

I don’t really have time to even be writing this if I am honest. I have a presentation on Anemones AND the rocky shores report due tomorrow! I thought I would take a tiny break though and share the rock pool video I made from snorkelling with my friends last weekend! How crazy is it that all these beautiful fish are here in Wollongong? If there is one thing I regret about my time here, is that I didn’t get to do all the swimming and snorkelling/diving I dreamt about when I first got here. Damn my leg and this dissertation! I am so pleased I got to go at least once in my local area though! And hey, it’s more motivation to further my academic career towards oceanography or marine biology and come back one day, perhaps as a researcher! I’ve already been inspired from my one snorkel trip, and have already so many questions I have thought of, like comparing species composition and diversity, between these man made rock pools along the NSW coastline. I wonder how they differ as well, if their physical functional diversity and construction (like cracks, rocks, substrata etc) can predict the diversity of organisms. Or even disturbance levels; how often people use them might affect the organisms that live in them. Or how close to the tidal zones they are. Ahhh inspired! Imagine being able to snorkel in places like that for a job? Goals!


Anyway! We had a great time that day and as you can tell from the video Lucie is hilarious and we had so much fun just arsing around with the GoPro!

Rock pools from Eleanor Charnock on Vimeo.

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