Bacon and buses (instead of trains)

Sorry for so much silence!! You know my excuse now though (uni work frenzy) so I won’t get bogged down in that and talk about some fun stuff! This Thursday I attended my last class of UOW and on Friday I handed Inn my last piece of coursework. The only thing remaining now are my exams and my photo class exhibition!  On Saturday I didn’t do much than have a break. In the evening Brayden and I enjoyed our final night together as flatmates (he leaves for home before I return from Sydney in a weeks time) by watching Wallace and gromit and BBC’s Big fat quiz of the year show. We decided to do a flatmate final get together by having a delicious Fry up the next morning (apart from Tom who wasn’t returned from visiting his girlfriend in Sydney, but rather he was there in spirit /social media). Eggs, toast, fried tomatoes, avocado, baked beans and LOTS of Bacon, we didn’t go hungry that’s for sure! Whilst we ate our brekky together the weather continued to rage outside as one of the worst storms I have experienced since being here!



Later we checked on online local newstations and pictures of flooding, fallen trees and closed roads were in abundance. I paniced and was worried I would be unable to catch the train to Sydney in the afternoon, but luckily everything was still running with replacement bus services between badly affected areas. Right now I am back on the train after riding the bus between Thirroul and Waterfall. The view is gray and dreary and everything you associated with seeing from a subtropical storm. I’m heading towards Sydney to… SEE MY MUM AND AUNT. I actually can’t even describe how excited I am to see them in less than 12 hours! I’m heading to the hotel right now to check in and set it up with food in preparation for two very tired and jetlagged people arriving at 12 tonight!


2 thoughts on “Bacon and buses (instead of trains)

    • Ja alt er tilbake til normalt nå! Det ble noe ødeleggelse i Sydney og andre deler av Australia, men penger og hjelp og rydding er alt i gang der det trengs!

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