Photography assignment

Yesterday I had my final assignment in photography! Which means it’s time to show some of the photos I have taken this session! I am so glad I did this course, it was actually quite spontaneous that I chose it to be honest! I didn’t plan it back in UEA when I was picking my classes for my time here, but after Shawnee’s suggestion I decided it actually wasn’t a bad idea! I obviously love photos, but although I understand the basics of photography I admit shamefully I leave all the work to my cameras automatic settings. I have thoroughly enjoyed learning and becoming more confident in techniques and my camera’s manual settings now, which should open up more doors for my hobby photography! If there is one thing I didn’t enjoy as much, it would be the limited creativity I felt from all the constraints of an assignment. Tasks included taking things close up to understand focal length, taking pictures of cars in motion to understand shutters peed, and taking photos of things with different lighting to understand shading, and so creativity was less in focus (understandably)! I didn’t mind though, because now have more of a platform for creativity that will come later when I become more confident in using the camera. Better start using my camera in manual now then! Don’t want to forget all the important things I learned!


Prac 2_0193 edited done




week 4_0271

Prac 2_0196

Autumn at Puckeys

Hannicke photoshoot photography assignment 1

Prac 2_0198

Autumn at Puckeys

Hannicke photoshoot photography assignment 1



So we had primarily two self directed photography assignments for this project, one in portraiture and one in landscape, which I exhibited yesterday for marking with the rest of my class! I was lucky to get a good spot with good natural lighting, together with my friends Tori, Kathryn, Teagan (picture bellow) and James from my class!

IMG_20160615_144248 IMG_20160615_144332 IMG_20160615_145213 IMG_20160615_234609 IMG_20160615_234912


I find serenity in nature. Nature doesn’t judge you for the clothes you wear. It doesn’t tell you to wear make-up to look pretty. It doesn’t even care if you brushed your hair or not that morning. Nature doesn’t need filters. I wanted to capture a moment of inner peace, where the soul reflects the untamed, unconstrained nature of the sea.

IMG_6484 copy copy

IMG_6526a copy copy

IMG_6560a copy copy

IMG_6578a copy copy


IMG_6547 copy copy



Arguably one of the greatest chemical reactions in the world; photosynthesis happens all around us, for every moment of the day. In this series I wanted to celebrate plants, water and sunlight, and capture that beautiful moment when plants turn light into food and into the air we breathe.

Autumn at Puckeys

Autumn at Puckeys

Autumn at Puckeys

Autumn at Puckeys


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