Among the birch trees

Okay so officially over a months since I last blogged! Opsss….! To be honest I am so not sorry, I have enjoyed every second of my summer back home so far. I just couldn’t bring myself to haul myself out of the blurry bliss that has been these last months. But, time to face reality again, as my Norwegian summer closes towards it’s end and my flight tickets back to Norwich are booked for just under two weeks away. Coming back home has been a wonderful roller coaster ride that has consisted of mostly swoops of joy, turns of awe and fast churn-your-stomach-falls of pure love. I think I could happily never ever leave for a holiday abroad, ever again. Why would I ever need anything else but these towering mountains, swaying birch trees, trickling streams, wide open fjords, and snowy peaks. Not to mention, the gorgeous humans that live on this patch of earth, so warm and relaxed (and incredibly healthy and in sync with nature). It’s been a dream to see all my friends again, as well as family. It’s also been wonderful to notice how lush Bergen is, so wet and rainy, but also so packed with produce. In the garden there are myriads of plants, as well as black currents, raspberries, and strawberries. Every detail around me I appreciate on a whole new level, details that didn’t even enter my mind before. I think it would be impossible to write about my summer in any sense of logical order, but I’ll give it a go. I’m going to let the photos mostly speak for themselves too. Less of my babbling, more photos of B-E-A-U-T-I-F-U-L Norway.

On my first day of my return home, I of course met up with Eidi and took a little walk up Fanafjellet. It was surreal to see her again, knowing that it was nearly a year since the last time. I didn’t feel like more than a day though, we talked and laughed like always. We walked passed fanaseteret and to the viewpoint, and on route I enjoyed the sights of carpeting grounds of familiar mosses, ferns, grasses and mountain flowers bellow birch and scots pine. Scattered around are grazing sheep and old wooden huts with grassy roofs.

IMG_20160629_084353 IMG_20160629_084256 IMG_20160629_084238 IMG_20160629_084158


A couple of days later I went out clubbing with my friends, Eidi, Silje, Emilie, Malin, Yasmin, and others. For the first time ever I actually went clubbing in 20yr old clubs, to Kook and Brukbar and had some good laughs! No flattering photos to show from that day, but I do have some lovely photos from the “days after” in the garden! The day consisted of pottering around in the garden, snuggling with Molly and eating delicious salmon for dinner. 
IMG_20160703_181445 IMG_20160703_181345 IMG_20160703_180821 IMG_20160703_180749 IMG_20160702_150311


Later that week I went for a walk up Fløyen with Karoline and her dog. Bergen was beautiful as usual, and the sight of narrow cobbled streets, wooden houses and potted plants was more than welcomed. We chatted and caught up on all the gossip and updates concerning our gang at videregående. It was lovely to see her again, she has one of the most contagious smiley personalities I have ever met!IMG_20160705_161325 IMG_20160705_161406 IMG_20160705_163439 IMG_20160705_164053 IMG_20160707_103516 Snapchat-5453619744483960951

On one evening I headed up behind the house to the birch tree forests, where I knew I would find carpets of blueberries. It was magical walking in the dense, dark forests, dappled with beams of light breaking through the leaves and branches above. The path that my my old neighbourhood friend Kristine and I used to walk looked unused since probably the last time the two of us had walked on them ourselves when we were small. I had to dodge a couple of fallen trees, that lay across my path. The trunk was covered in moss, plants and mushrooms, slowly being reclaimed by mother nature. I eventually started following some deer tracks to the higher tops where I was greeted by the sight of ripe, blue blueberries. After picking a couple of handfuls I continued down back to the main trail where I traversed a little trickling stream before I sat myself down on a fallen tree and listened for five minutes to the birds around me. I couldn’t believe this special place was right behind my house.

IMG_20160705_201619 IMG_20160705_202047 IMG_20160705_202127 IMG_20160705_202203 IMG_20160705_202311 IMG_20160705_202433 IMG_20160705_202709 IMG_20160705_203200 IMG_20160705_203355 IMG_20160705_203821 IMG_20160705_204007 IMG_20160705_204048 IMG_20160705_204114 IMG_20160705_204229 IMG_20160705_204313 IMG_20160705_204410 IMG_20160705_204540 IMG_20160705_204634 IMG_20160705_204839 IMG_20160705_204915 IMG_20160705_205017 IMG_20160712_230011

Lastly, it was Malin’s 22nd Birthday with pre-drinks at her friend Kristine’s appartment before dancing our feet off at Brukbar again. It was quite lovely to have a good reason to get dolled up and unleashing our inner sass, it’s honestly not that often I can be bothered! Malin’s birthday was definitely a party highlight of the summer, her pre-drinks was decked out with baloons, party hats and dangerously delicious punch, and the atmosphere was such fun! I love all those girls! 13951070_10153709421221994_1238174740_oIMG_20160709_172124 IMG_20160709_204820 IMG_20160711_075542


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