Flying over patchwork fields

Boom! Back in Norwich! I’ve been back for just over two weeks now, but have been so busy/lazy that I haven’t had time to keep on top of the blogging. Anyway, the trip was tiring and annoying, starting with my 9 am flight from Bergen to London. Coming in over England again was very exciting and emotions were high on the landing. Floating over the lush green, patchwork fields stirred an emotional concoction of excitement, anticipation and elation. In the airport I immediately noticed all the English accents and polite social conduct of everyone around me. After picking up my baggage I plonked myself on a National Express coach and endured a six hour coach trip to UEA,followed by dragging my bags along in blazing heat to 1 Friends Road. I’ve been quite shocked to come back to such hot weather, I was expecting the rain and cold. I brought long trousers and multiple jumpers, and minimal summer clothing, so I have been slightly sweaty for the past weeks in my overly warming clothing. On arrival at 1 Friends road I was greeted so warmly by Nathan and Emily, my new housemates, who made me feel so welcome and at home again. I briefly met Paul before he left the house for his holiday with his family. I am really excited for this house, I really, really the new Friends Road family, we have so much in common and it’s such a joy to hang out with them. It just seems to “click”, you know?




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