Norwich streets and pokemon Go

For a couple of days it was just Emily, Nathan and I, but after a couple of days I was reunited with David. It was so great to see him, almost surreal. A day later I finally got to meet David’s new boyfriend Ben, who was visiting for a couple of days before going on holiday to the US and then off to his internship in Amsterdam. Ben was so lovable and was soo easy to get along with, and all three of us had a great couple of days together getting to know each other and catching up. On one day we headed into town to do some Pokemon Go hunting in the fair weather. We started off in the square outside of Mcdonalds, before we we ended up forgetting about Pokemon Go and enjoyed wandering around the gorgeous pebbled streets of Norwich. We passed the Forum and the markets, wandered down the beautiful Lower Goat Lane to Grovenor’s Fish bar before heading down to Elm Hill towards the Cathedral. Elm Hill is definitely one of my favourite streets in all of Norwich, it’s so atmospheric, like stepping back in time to a time when Shakespear existed. You can almost picture the horse and carriages trotting up and down the bustling street.

img_20160830_001530 img_20160830_001644 img_20160830_001750 img_20160830_001842 img_20160830_001938 img_20160830_002045 img_20160830_002157 img_20160830_002330

At the cathedral we walked around the courtyard and inside the spectacular building, admired the vastness of the construction and the detail of the decoration and colourful windows. We then wandered around the surrounding area and down to the river via Bishops gate before going onward to Riverside shopping area where we went for a cheaky bit of lunch at Nandos.

img_20160830_002442 img_20160830_002614 img_20160830_002712 img_20160830_002750 img_20160830_002842



img_20160830_003250 img_20160830_003057 img_20160830_003144 img_20160830_003233

We then wandered around some more before ending up at a cute pub called Birdcage, next to Grovenors Fish bar. We ended up staying there for hours drinking passionfruit cider and milk bottle cocktails, laughing and playing card games as the sky outside went from bright to golden to dark. We played Millionair board game, asking each other impossibly trivial questions we had no idea about and laughed about silly answers and questions. Our favourite, making us laugh so we were gasping for air, was one of the options for the question “What letter do geese form when flying in formation” which was “G”. Can you imagine? Geese flying like a G? We were laughing beyond reason, for some reason. Eventually we decided it was time to head back and we walked home via Earlham road, talking about uni and life.


img_20160830_003353 img_20160830_003505 img_20160830_003600img_20160830_001339




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