Holding back the tears

I’m angry. So, so angry. Words can’t even explain how angry I feel about this. It’s like hearing that my dearest friend was to be robbed, raped and murdered. See, if this was the case, more people would be angry. If it was a human, far more people would cry out about this injustice. But it’s not. It’s a wolf. An animal. Lesser than a human, not worthy of respect of dignity. We think everything is ours and everything that is not human is lesser. We are monsters that destroy everything we can out of greed. Sometimes unconsciously, other times completely conscious, and to me that’s worse. What does that say about us as a species when we choose to be evil and do wrong? We like to think of ourselves as Gods given gift to the planet, and everything around us is not even worthy of our sophistication and intelligence. But we are none of those things. We are deluded, greedy monsters that can’t see beyond the tips of our own noses.

Spineless. Gutless. Shameless. Cowardly. Unintelligent. Narcissistic. Egocentric. disrespectful. Monsters.

What do you even do? I want to cry. People say walk in a protest or sign a petition, vote for a party or get involved in conservation. I do, I pay out to WWF when I can, I join all the Facebook groups, encourage all my friends to feel angry and get involved. I even went and did a fucking degree in Ecology I care so much about the environment and animals. I am going to make it my life career to try. But what good does it do? How do you battle a fight of human nature with Facebook likes and voting. Most of the time, that’s what it feels like. I feel like my own species is against me and the planet. People either care for the wrong side, their own side, or not care at all. Even when you go do a degree in ecology, all you can do is advise the government to think about it before completely ignoring your expert advice. I feel powerless.

Will my children be born into a continued crumbling world? Will they live in a world of wolves, tigers, tuna elephants, coral, pandas, gorillas, turtles, pandas, dugongs, koalas and cod (and the biggest, most depressing ETC. ever to exist)?

When will we stop walking down this path of destruction.


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