Bookstores and Antiques in Norwich

So yesterday morning I wrote a post where I was literally on the brink of crying. Haha, well here is the continuation of that days events. I held it together though and went down stairs for breakfast and saw a large envelope for me on the stairs. Remembering that my Dad had mentioned some sort of news clippings he had gathered for me heading my way I opened eagerly to the mysteries present from Dad. I sat myself down on the sofa, David on the sofa next to me having a cup of tea, and opened the large envelope. Inside where a collection of things including a letter which I read to David for about two sentences in excitement before I actually burst into tears. Haha.. honestly, I think David was taken a bit aback, but I reassured him it was happy tears and I had no idea why I was being so emotional. It was the perfect little present, that arrived on the perfect day at the perfect moment. Inside the letter Dad wrote about remembering that I was upset about everything in the word being so grim and horrible, and that he had found a positive newspaper especially for me to cheer me up. In addition to this a beautiful card of a woman knitting in a garden and another of a pond, some money to treat my housemates and I to a birthday meal, and a newspaper clipping of Roald Dahl’s life in Norway. It was such a touching gift, it’s lovely to think that people are thinking about you, and go out of their way to do nice things for you and make you happy, even when you don’t realise it. Its’ the best kind of love. I think I am going to do something nice, for no reason, for someone today. So after weeping a bit, having a bit of breakfast and a nice cup of tea I was ready to head into town for a day of shopping and errands with David and Emily.


We walked into town, passing all the cute brick terraced houses with sweet front gardens on Earlham road before reaching the city. In town we wandered around and popped into old independent stores that took our fancy with beautiful things on display. We went in several old books shops, and teased ourselves by peering into interesting stories, biographies and beautiful animal guidebooks. I found a huge, old illustrated book of Australian birds, and wished my suitcase and my bankcard functioned like that of Mary Poppins’ kind. David found a quirky book on traditional folk costumes and we looked up the Scandinavian section to check if it was correct (it was haha). We walked to several stores in search of a book David had seen in the window of one of the stores, which we finally found at Waterstones. It was the first book in English ever written by a woman, called Revelations of Divine Love, by a theologian from Norwich in the 13. hundreds!

img_20160917_191929 img_20160918_111729 img_20160918_111859

We continued walking around the Lanes, down one of my favourite streets Lower Gate lane, passed through the crazy shoe shop of Imelda’s shoe boutique fell in love with some seriously beautiful 120 pound shoes (don’t worry I didn’t buy them) before ending up at a store selling craft and art from various local artists. David and I fell in love with a hand printed map of Norwich, so much so that we both ended up buying one. It is probably one of the most beautiful maps I own, it’s such a detailed, beautifully illustrated print of every street and building you could possibly need to remember of Norwich city centre. It’s one of those maps you could get lost in the picture, following paths and lanes you know you walk on to all the stores and sites you love so dearly. I am counting this as a Birthday present to myself, so thank you to all the fam and friends who contributed to this piece! From stepping outside that store we walked two steps to the other side of the Lane to a store that sold beautiful hand woven baskets. Some of them were for sale, and I ended up impulsively buying an adorable 2 pound basket, with the idea of using it to pick mushrooms in Bergen when I return next autumn (with experts from the mushroom society of course).

Then, all three went to an antiques centre in a 14th century church and wandered around and had a look. The place had everything from old cameras to china tea pots and Pokemon cards. I love admiring the craftsmanship that took to make those items, guessing the history, and pondering over who made it, sold it and owned it, and the lives they might have had. It was a beautiful place to sell antiques, little nuggets of history displayed in such a grand, beautifully decorated building. I love that about Norwich, how so many of the old churches (There are 650 churches in Norfolk!!) have been reinvented for modern use, still keeping them alive and relevant, instead of them standing cold and without any use. David and I ended up buying some more room decorations, this time in the form of cut out book pages of an old illustrated book of animals and plants. We couldn’t resist at 40 pee a page! Eventually our feet started to tire and we did our errands before setting off home for dinner, X factor and a new favourite Sweedish TV show (at least for Luke and I haha) called Beck!


img_20160917_203513 img_20160918_111600 img_20160918_111801 img_20160918_111921 img_20160918_112029

On a final note, look how nice my room is now! Sooo excited about my Norwich poster, but also waking up every morning and immediately seeing pretty pictures of grasses, birds and insects on my wardrobe!

img_8118 img_8120 img_8121img_8119 img_8123


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