First night of cold

I just realized, this is my first night of cold weather since well, almost two years ago! Being that I left the Norwegian summer for Australia, and then experienced only a mild winter, followed by a very hot summer, followed by a warm autumn and lastly another warm summer back in Norway, this genuinely feels like the first proper cold in forever! Being in a poorly isolated houses (English houses really are notoriously drafty), with no heating (we don’t have it on to save money, although personally I wouldn’t mind having it on right now) and I’m suffering from a cold anyway, I can confidentally say that this is definitely a bit of a shock to the system. I’m currently in a jumper, long sweatpants, wolly socks, a head scarf wrapped around my ears and mouth, as well as a duvet, two blankets, three pillows (two against the wall to block the cold and draft from the wall), and a hot water bottle against my stomach, I can reassure myself that I’m prepared for the night infront of me. I even took a hot shower before getting into bed to heat up the body first before getting under the covers! Yesterday I slept so badly and uncomfortably because of the creepy cold, my throat in particular feeling like it was breathing in glass. This night I therefore went to bed a bit more prepared. I’m having such a nostalgic moment right now though, from my warm nights in Australia. Ohh the times when I slept naked or just in my underwear with my one duvet often only partly covering me, letting the air from the fan cool my body as I slept in genuine heat. Thinking about those moments made me think about other little day to day things about Australia again, and further about the memories and friends I spent my days with. I really really miss Wolllongong, and everything and everyone from there right now! Especially my dear friend Hannicke, I hope I can see her again soon! I am already mentally planning a trip back somewhere in the future! Who knows, maybe I’ll eventually miss it so much I might just move there one day and live there! Right now that’s so tempting!  img_20161012_225058

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