Sunday Morning

It’s currently Sunday morning and I’m in bed, listening to some music, about to do a bit of crochetting before getting on with the day. I have ambitious Sunday plans that actually include a walk, doing my laundry and doing some work before going for a Sunday roast at Shawnee and Max’s. Emily and Nathan are out doing mammal trapping and the rest of the house seems peacefully tucked away still in bed. The house in other words is perfectly quiet and peaceful backdrop for dePresno’s Souvenir song currently playing softly on my speakers. The house smells strongly of burnt pizza after a little incident of attempted midnight feasting by David after LCR. The house is a bit chilli too, still warming up from the nights cold temperatures. I think I might make myself some tea and some toast to warm myself up with. My stomach is making those hungry noises.There’s nothing special about this moment, but just got an overwhelming need to remember it, because sometimes it’s nice to remember seemingly ordinary moments like these, because it hits you how extraordinary all these moments in fact are.


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