Simple things

So I managed two of my three part list, aka the Washing and the walk. I’m not going to worry too much about the work bit yet, ive still got a fairly free week this week. My Sunday walk was excellent though, I walked to Earlham Park, through the woods to the UEA Sportsfields, across to UEA lake via a muddy path alongside the river and around the lake and up again to the main road by the Horses and walked home passed tescos. It was a pleasant walk in sunny, yet cold and crisp weather. I blasted my favourite atmospheric songs from my headphones as I walked around, watching families, pensioners and students also taking advantage of the dry Sunday weather.


Back home I spent the afternoon in the livingroom with the house watching tellie, which was cosy. in the evening I dressed myself even warmer and faced the bitterly cold air that made my breath fog with Steven and took the bus into town for a Sunday roast at Shawnee and Max’s place. they had so kindly invited us for a roast earlier that week, and I was very excited. The meal was beautiful, with all the trimmings and Lamb, and even chocolate pudding for dessert and a cider to drink! after our meal we played a funny game from an app where you guess the character, animal, facial expressions etc. on the screen that’s placed on your forehead as the rest of the group act it out or describe it. For the modern music category we had to sing the song, and we had some good laughs about certain peoples singing abilities. All in all the absolute perfect Sunday.

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