Things to remember

We’re zooming along in the pick up truck. I couldn’t tell you what speed we were doing, but it felt like the fastest I had ever travelled. We’re out to spot wild African beasts at dusk. Dusk that quickly turned into dark night. Above us the milky way glistening with dense swirls of stars, brighter than I had ever seen them before in my life. From inside the cage frame of the pick up truck two large flashlights are piercing through the dark, lighting up the thick shrub and open fields as it whizzes by, searching for eye reflections from night time creatures. The light’s are strong, but as your eye follows the beam it eventually fades into the darkness and the vastness of the landscape is revealed. I stand between Sam and Bryony, the three of us perched on the back of the trucks edge, our heads peeking above the cage frame. No seat belts, just holding on by our own hands. The car continues to speed. We eye out the low hanging branches above and duck. We scan for bumps in the road and prepare to feel our stomachs jump. Occasional yelps of pure elevation escape our mouths as we continue to stand and feel the rush of wind on our faces. We feel the rush of our hearts, our eyes wide, lungs full and hearts pounding. The vast darkness feels everlasting. Africa feels everlasting. The universe feels infinitely everlasting. I feel overpowered with humbleness of my tiny existence. At the same time I feel like I have swallowed the whole universe down my throat. Gasping the air feels like swallowing more universe and more magic, and I could burst into tears from the joy of it all. I never wanted that moment to stop.



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