“Did you know Richard has married an American girl?”

This week has shot by faster than a rocket! Already by Thursday I felt very close to having a full blown melt down again. It seems like all of the sudden it’s hit me that I have a lot of assignments building up, approaching around the corner quicker than ever. In addition to this I have my dissertation still going so much slower than I want it to. Apart from that this week has had lots of ups! In the middle of the week I went and watched a rugby match with Bryony, who went to support the men’s team playing a rival uni team over by the sports fields. I haven’t spent so long at the sports fields since first year for the couple of months I did lacrosse! It was great fun watching the guys play, the game was surprisingly exciting. You can almost feel the testosterone levels of the guys from the side line as they grunted and shouted at each other out on the pitch. In addition to finding fallen gingko leaves on my way to Lab on one day, my other favourite moment has been enjoying all the lovely lunches with the Ecology gang and spending time with them in class. I’m quite impressed how tight us ecology remainders have become, despite the lacking of quite a few of it’s original group members. Especially this Friday during an aquatic prac, when Bryony, Amaia, Jeff, David and I were helping each other with stats, discussing dissertations and other assignments, offering advice and encouragement as well as laughing and joking around, did it hit me how long I’ve known this lot and how much love I have for them all. After the prac we hung out at our favourite place, Cafe Direct (aka. now known as Ziggies but we’ve still not accepted this name), and enjoyed a coffee over more conversation, including what we wanted to do after uni. I’m glad to hear that there was a good mix of uncertainty and dreams, like myself, thinking about different things like where to live, to do a masters or work, travel or others. I hope they all achieve what they want after uni, they deserve it. I can’t wait to find out!


On Friday evening the house made dinner before playing Trivial pursuit, which was a lot of fun. I can safely say I was the clear looser of the game, not really managing no more than a couple of questions. I even got the Nordic questions that I definitely should have managed wrong, including “what are woman who dine with the Norse Gods called”, “what is the Northern most capital of an independent Nation”, and “Who has land in the Arctic”, I must admit I’m a bit ashamed of that. Haha, oh well! I didn’t really mind though, I’ve never been a competitive games person so I was just happy watching the others have a good laugh and have fun! It was really cosy too as we arranged the sofas around the coffee table, making the set up very snug and comfy.


On Saturday I had a semi-lie in before heading into town to see Shawnee for some christmassy markets and general town wandering, and it turned out to be an absolutely fabulous day. Firstly we met up to go to some Norwegian markets by the Forum that we had seen advertised on Facebook. I of course could not give that a miss! I was quite impressed with the set up, there were about 10 stalls selling quality craft works of wool, wood and others, as well as waffles and Pizza with Jarlsberg cheese. The sellers were dressed beautifully in their local bunads and wooly setesdals and marius jumpers. I spoke to one of the stall owners, of course, and he told me I was already the third Norwegian he’d spoken to in the last hour! The entire Norwegian and Scandinavian population had probably never been so concentrated in Norwich than at those markets on that day.



img_20161119_105410Afterwards we stopped by and had a look in Jarrods at huge teddies and exquisite Christmas present ideas before going for lunch (despite a little waffle snack at the Markets) at Pandora’s Kitchen where we had delicious chicken paninis with tomato soup as well as a decadent hot chocolate to wash it all down with. I had a white chocolate and raspberries hot chocolate to warm myself in the crispy cold weather Norwich was experiencing that morning. It actually was frosty white on the ground that morning! Afterwards we wandered around town, going in all the charity shops we could find and hunted out bargain clothes. I actually found three pieces of clothing, a lovely cream coloured knitted jumper, a red high neck jumper and a fancy grey jacket, and all for a total of only 16 pounds!! I finally made a visit to the Wilkinson’s of Norwich Coffee and Tea shop next to the Iron House too. As I stepped through the white wooden door of the quaint, old, green building my eyes were feasted with walls of large tin boxes of all types of coffee and tea my heart could desire and ones I didn’t even know existed. The tiny store smelled so mouthwatering good of herbs, spices and roasts, that I actually softly hummed comfortingly in response. On the counter were huge glass jars with tantalisingly yummy blends of pure fruit tea and herbal teas, from rhubarb and raspberry to Tropical Summer fruit to Christmassy cinnamon styled blends. In another corner a table of beautifully ornate Asian glass tea sets and classy coffee merchandise like presses and grinders were on display for us to admire. I didn’t buy anything, but It’s a matter of time before that place sufficiently haunts me and my temptation, and I need to go get something!



Last but least we went to the St. Gregory’s to look at antiques in the church. We got swept away looking at old postcards and read the messages on them. It was so strange, reading a snippet of someone’s life from a moment in the past. How strange too that they had ended up in a random box in a Norwich Antiques house, being sold for 10 p. Some of them were sweet messages of congratulations or wishing them well, a lot were post cards from holidays, speaking of what they had done and what the weather was like, but some were proper golden nuggets. We found a couple of ones that really made us laugh, including a postcard from Grace to Lucy, telling her about some juice gossip about Richard marrying an American girl, and poor Simon telling his friend he had to fly with Hoof” to Tenerife. We even found a french postcard sent from a trip to Munich from the 1920s! We also looked at all the pretty glass bottles and vintage cameras and wished our bank accounts were unlimited. I especially wished my bank account was unlimited when we found a beautiful coffee grinder for the wall for 155 pounds!

img_20161119_151456 img_20161119_151203 img_20161119_151403

This Sunday I have taken another day to fully rest, had a lovely lie in and a good lazy day in the livingroom watching day time telly under a snug blanket. Emily made scones, which have got to be the most delicious scones I have ever tasted ever.


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