Frosty mornings

Ok, so it’s been a while since my last blog entry! Honestly, I can safely say that I am extremely ready to fly home in just under a week. I have been completely burnt out these last couple of weeks, and I am in super need of some time back home with friends and family, to recuperate and rest. So what’s happened in the last three weeks? Mostly, being that it’s the end of the semester, I’ve been swamped with the traumatising ordeal that is assignments and deadlines. I fully appreciate that large assignments are going to have to be at the end of the semester, when we actually know something about the topic after months of education on it, but that doesn’t make the ordeal any less stressful and traumatising. Especially, as all the different classes do the same thing and load them all into the final month, some of them with only days apart. Anyway, it means I spent a couple of days in the Library the other week, and took these pictures of campus in the evening as I was heading home again after dark.





In between my shambles of a life as an attempted student at university, I have had some great moments, including the biological society ball and a trip to see the seals at Horsey Gap on the coast (will get back to in separate posts). In addition to this, I’ve watched as the days go by and autumn turn from warm and golden, to wet and brown, and then finally to winter, with even more cold, wet and grey.






I’ve managed to go for some walks, including a misty walk last weekend across Bowthorpe Marshes to watch the sun set over the cold, frosty landscape. I went with David, and as we watched the sun rapidly set, we marvelled over the privilege that we even know how large the sun is, how fast the earth is spinning, and how far away the moon is. You don’t have to look far back in history before you come to a time when people still hadn’t figured it out, or understood why. What an honour it is to appreciate our tiny place in the universe a little more. It’s weird to think that these mind blowing facts about the universe, painfully uncovered by geniuses, are just free for us to have and know now.

img_20161206_232833 img_20161206_161740 img_20161206_162107

In addition to the walks, I’ve found myself doing some more drawing, after I discovered I had a beautiful ink pen. I also had some nice, thick, paper too, so I’ve had a great starting out point for my drawing projects. So far I’ve got three pieces that I made to hang up above my bed. I wanted motivational and inspirational stuff, so I drew a “I am grateful for- sun”, copied out a poem by Sigbjørn Obstfelder, and sketched some taxonomic drawings of British moths. When I say I draw, I mean I copy, but it doesn’t matter because drawing to me is all about increasing my sense of well being and even though it’s just copying, it still gives me relaxation and let’s me feel a sense of accomplishment.



img_20161202_170606 img_20161215_193841

The biggest news though! JODIE came up and visited us last weekend! When I got back home on Friday, we literally screamed and jumped at the sight of one another, as I entered through the door. It had been a year and a half since our last encounter, in our defence. It was sooooo wonderful to see her, I love her to pieces, and it didn’t feel like a day had gone by since I had seen her last. I was so pleased to hear about her new job as a teacher assistant, and about her plans for the upcoming year with travelling and volunteer work. It was truly wonderful to hear her doing so well since graduation. Us three girls and Wollongong gang (+ Ellen, our new Wollongong gang member we’ve adopted since returning to UEA) went to propaganda that evening, had an awfully large amount to drink, did a lot of dancing and singing, before spending the rest of the weekend recovering and relaxing around the house. My favourite part of that whole weekend must have been just lying in Emily’s bed with Emily (despite her not feeling in the best condition) and Jodie after our night out, talking and laughing for hours amongst cosy pillows and sheets. We then proceeded to binge watch movies for the afternoon, and had take away in the evening whilst watching the X factor finals. On Sunday, before Jodie had to leave again for her bus, we treated ourselves to a delicious brunch. The brunch was inspired by our favourite meal item at Cafe 33, the goats cheese, pesto, honey and rocket on thick crusty white bread. Cafe 33 have changed their menus and the recipe for that item, so there was no point going into town to have it. Instead, we made it ourselves, because sometimes nostalgia is too important to throw it away.


The only decent photo of us from her visit. We really must take better photos next time she visits.

Lastly we had another Friends Road house competition, this time hosted by the Pumpkin carving champion Paul. For his competition we made Christmas cards. Unfortunately I came last, but seeing what the others did in the competition, I thought it was a fair placement. The card wasn’t a waste of time though, as I was able to use it for my Secrete Santa we had the next day. I had picked Nathan as my secrete Santa (out of the hat) and bought him lots of yummy chocolates for his present (how cute does his presents looked?). Coincidentally, Nathan had me as his secrete Santa as well, and I got a great avocado recipe book from him, with a little insider joke written on the front page. On the topic of food, I have truly binged these last weeks.. uni stresses really makes one sprint to Tesco on a regular basis. In between the gross amount of crap I’ve eaten I have managed to make some (heat up) spicy butternut squash and potato soup on one day, and salmon on another.




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