Biological Society Winter Ball

On the 2nd of December, Jeff, Nathaniel and I went to the UEA biological society Christmas Ball at the Norwich Cathedral. I went to the ball in 2nd year, with my ecology gang, and we had such a blast! I was therefore dead set on going to the ball this year too, being that it is my last chance! Lucky me even had two dates (not really, just my friend Jeff and his housemate- although that didn’t stop me from getting the pimpiest photo of myself with them there from the professional photographer) to spend the evening with. It was great fun to dive into some foodie indulgences and surround myself with some festivities and sophistication for an evening, it isn”t often that happens at uni. This year our ball was at the Norwich Cathedral, and so we had the most breathtaking backdrop to our meal in the glass-cladded modern event space in the visitor centre. In the reception we drank mulled wine and made pleasantries amongst exhibitions of local art and craftwork whilst we waited to go to our seats. In the dining room we found our table and got to know the people we would be sitting next to for the evening. Luckily our table was a collection of small groups, like us, and everyone was about getting to know the unfamiliar faces around the table, and not just be focused on their own group. On my right I had a lovely couple sitting next to me, and they were really great and funny. They did make me feel my age though, as the boyfriend was 19 years old, aka, my BROTHERS age. I suddenly felt like I was 30 years old with a mortgage. It was nice to pass on some uni advice to the eager bunnies though, they were keen for my “experienced knowledge”. We had of course Christmas crackers to break any initial social awkwardness too, and then after lots of conversation the food finally arrived. For starters I had smoked salmon and salmon mouse with salad, which was exquisitely delicious. For dinner I had a delicious roast, with the yummiest red wine sauce I have ever tasted, and for dessert a Christmas pudding. After dinner we went back to the reception area and waited for them to clear the dining room to make space for a DJ. Being that dancing is Jeff and Natty’s worst nightmare we just enjoyed hanging out in the courtyard of the cathedral and take in the atmosphere before heading out. Seeing the cathedral at night, the lights and shadows bouncing off the ornamental stone walls and pillars was really special. Being that boys weren’t keen on dancing we didn’t stay long to see how the DJ performed, and instead opted to head into town to get a drink at a pub. Funny enough, we ended up missing the pubs before closing because we couldn’t work out how to leave the Cathedral area, as gates and entrances usually open in the day were closed. Luckily our ability to get lost was taken in good spirit. Good company, a full belly and a good couple of drinks may have aided that spirit (maybe even our sense of direction). I never disagree with walking down, narrow streets among lovely peaceful old houses with pretty windows anyway, so if anything it was a nice addition to the evening. Eventually I made my way home, after Jeff and Natty gentlemanly walked me to the bus stop.

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dsc_0288 dsc_0287

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