It’s 2017! THE 2017. The year where my life will been more unclear than ever before in the history of “me”. For the first time in my 22 years of existence, I have no idea what is going to happen this year. I mean of course, I have an idea, but ideas are all I have. In another 360 days, what will my life be like when we turn into 2018? Hopefully I’ll have that Ecology degree, but will I have a job? What kind of job? Will I be living at home? Renting? Will I be in love? Will I have new friends? Will I be embarking on more university? For the first time, I have no clue where my life might take me next. What will this new chapter be like? I’m excited, yet simultaneously the uncertainties are scary and daunting. I know I want to continue to strive everyday to be happy and fulfilled, and I know I want a change. I know want to move back home to my dearest Bergen again. I’ve missed this place so much, and I feel like this is where I belong. At least for now, who knows about another 4 years down the line. I also know I don’t want more university after this summer, for the time being. I need a year or two to gather my thoughts, focus on new challenges. I want to do something concrete, something that I can give my time and effort to, that will reward me with more than just a grade on a computer screen. Most importantly, I know I am ready for this new chapter. Before. the idea was horrifically terrifying, but I am ready, to try and to try again. I’m ready to focus on new goals, to embark on a career, to start saving for a place to live, to explore new interests. I am hopeful, yet realistic. I know it will be tough, and I will have new worries and stresses. But I am just about to go into my last semester at university, and so I know I am strong and have it in me to fight and persevere. This year, I promise myself not to doubt myself, limit myself or not take chances. Here’s to 2017. To ending one chapter, and starting another.


2 thoughts on “2017

  1. Spennende! Jeg kjenner igjen den snart-ferdig-med-studiet-hjelp-hvordan-blir-livet-etter-det-følelsen. Heldigvis blir det som regel bra uansett. Jobber og muligheter dukker opp, og livet blir ganske fint uten burde-lese-må-lese-tanker og eksamensstress. Lykke til med siste semester!

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