Final days in Norway

After Christmas I enjoyed my final days with friends and family. I went to the cinema and saw Passengers twice (I’m not in love with this movie or anything, it’s just both my family and my friends wanted to see it and I couldn’t really care less what we watched as long as was hanging out with them), as well as going to Inside Burger twice. I did some clothes shopping with my Christmas money, cuddled my cat on the sofa a couple of times, and filmed the video around Kalandsvannet. I also went to my dear friend Linn’s Birthday party with Maria and Christopher, and hung out with Eidi and Malin some more before the day had come for me to hop onto a train and head off towards Oslo.


In Oslo I spent most of my time just mentally preparing myself for my final semester, but I did join Dad in meeting his colleague Isreal, his wife and son for dinner at Kolonihagen for one night, went to the cinema to watch “A street cat called Bob”, admired the perfectly still waters on Oslo fjord when on a visit to Dad’s office, and saw my lovely friend Maria Bakke. Seeing her after almost 2 years was so wonderful; we ate fajitas at Egon before hunting down Hartvig Nissens videregående skole, famous from the “Skam” TV show, before sitting in a coffee shop somewhere and watching the sky go dark and street lights bright as we talked and talked and talked over a drink. 
img_20170115_162718_472 img_20170115_182848_156 img_20170115_182940_614 img_20170115_183414_446 img_20170115_183640_814 img_20170115_225155_809 img_20170116_003315_750 img_20170116_132846_768


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