I’ve been back a week, and when I was finally ready to knuckle down and start working I end up sitting beside the toilet at 5.30 in the morning feeling like my stomach is about to internally melt from acid. It’s safe to say I won’t be going in for my lecture today, although I am feeling a bit better this morning. It seems my stomach gets aggravated every time I move around, so my plans today are to be perfectly still. My travels back to Norwich were.. what can I say… Interesting. The National Express from Victoria was delayed by an hour and a half, and even after it’s arrival it took another hour and a half to reach the Olympic Stadium in Stratford. In other words, at 15.00 when I was supposed to arrive in Norwich, I was only on the outskirts of London. The actual bus ride was fine though, I occupied myself with music, sleeping and thinking. The view wasn’t too shabby either, as we crawled past Houses of Parliament, Big Ben, London Eye, drove along the Embankment, and passed St. Paul’s Cathedral. At 18.00, three hours after first anticipated, I stepped over the doorstep at 1 Friends Road and was reunited with my dear housemates.

img_20170118_144439_519 img_20170118_143929_111 img_20170118_144120_965 img_20170118_144226_088 img_20170118_144341_473

In positive news I have had some major pieces of work back this last week, and I couldn’t be more pleased! I got a 63 % on my 100 % Essay for Oceanography on the use of microcosms to assess affects of iron fertilization on phytoplankton, and a 63% on a 30 % coursework for Host Parasites where I examined relationship between bird condition and endoparasitism in migratory Fieldfares. I also got a whopping 78% (wohoooo) on my Science communication Essay on the interactions between public attitudes, scientific understanding and the Media’s portrayal of management and conservation efforts concerning Grey Wolves in the environment. All in all then, a good morality boost for this final semester!

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