It’s currently 2.43 am as I start this blog post. Safe to say, I can’t sleep. Numerous reasons could explain this situation, the first being that I have been ill all week and illness never makes for a good nights sleep. A weird stomach and a temperature fluxing cold haven’t helped boost my already decaying sense of motivation to get up in the morning and get on with life. Then again, this thought may be fuelling my continued state of illness. No motivation to get healthy again. Frankly I don’t want to get better. If I get better I will have to face all this built up tension and anxiety over uni work. Several reasons not to let me fall asleep then. I can tell I am going to have to really, really, really digg deep within me this semester and re light a fire in my belly. I need to be roaring and fit to fight with all my might, and right now I just feel so apathetic, sad and lost and not even wanting to throw a pebble. 2017-01-27_03-01-49



One thought on “2.43

  1. Av og til er det både greit og nødvendig å la kroppen bestemme at det er behov for å hvile og samle krefter. Etter hvert kommer forhåpentligvis motivasjonen du trenger og hjelper deg til å klare det du må klare 🙂 God bedring!

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