Fruity surprise

This morning I was getting dressed when I heard David run up the stairs and knock on my door. I quickly grabbed my towel before opening the door on him, and found him standing in front of me, grinning from ear to ear holding a Mark’s and Spencer box for me. “For mee?”. The surprise was such a delight! I opened it up and found a beautiful basket full of fresh fruit; peaches, oranges, apples, grapes, bananas, clementines and plums. A delightful care package to help me towards a full recovery and put a smile on my face. I have a sneaky suspicion my Mum is behind this morality boost (99% sure), although I am still waiting for a reply to know for sure.

img_8724a img_8720aYesterday I went out for Tapas at Revolución de Cuba with Shawnee, Max, Steven and Ellen after a brief meeting concerning a Mammal survey competition we are entering in as a team. The restaurant is usually a bit out of our price range, but this January everything is 40 % off, and it’s all a bit more affordable. I’ve actually gone to the restaurant before, with David, Jodie and Katharine, in 2nd year with the same discount offer (post). I fell in love with the food last time, and this time didn’t disappoint either. The food was absolutely amazing and the shared cocktail punch bowls were also a major win. After we finished up we still had a good buzz going on from the delicious food and cocktails, and so we decided to have a mini pub crawl and extend the evening a couple more hours. We had a beer at Brewdog next door before heading to The Mischief for the infamous tripple vodka and lemonade drink. Mischeif was unbelievably packed for a Tuesday, and we laughed about how they all looked and acted so much younger than us. How is it that freshers seem like infants to me now? What has happened!? Being that we are now dull, responsible adults we set off home for a reasonably early night at 12 as people had work and responsibilities the next day (#adulting). The tripple vodka hit me as I lay in bed and for the first time in months it allowed me to fall asleep in just sweatpants and a t-shirt and still stay warm, haha.

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